Spending Time With Grandma and Grandpa

Posted 06-17-2013 at 10:30 AM by whitneywalters

My older two kids love spending time at my parent’s house. My parents own a small hobby farm, they raise chickens, goats, have two dogs and some farm cats. They have a large area for playing and a large wooded area for taking hikes. There are a lot of toys out there for the kids, a large sandbox, swing set,¬†four-wheeler¬†and each summer they set up their pool. They live about twenty miles from us so we are out there pretty often. They both love working with the animals.

One of the baby goats was rejected by her mother so she became a bottle feed baby, the kids love feeding and playing her. Alex named her Chocolate Vanilla and she is his buddy. My parents let them be very involved in the care of the animals, they get to help feed them, clean pens and a lot more. Alex and Destiny like spending the night with their grandparents and usually do every other week or so. For the last couple of months they have been asking if they can go and spend a week with them. I am not sure why they want to go for a whole week, I know my parents would not care but I do not know if I am ready to have them be gone for that long.

The longest they have been gone was for four days when they went to their other Grandparent’s house last summer. Chris’ parents live a couple hours away from us and now that Alex and Destiny are getting older they have been going to their house for a few days at a time without us. They were suppose to another night but Kairi was crying for them to come home so I had my inlaws bring them back a day early. Since they keep asking about going for a week we plan on trying sometime this summer. They are close enough that I can pick them up whenever I want and I can always take the two little girls out for a day ( they do not like staying the night places without mom and dad ).


































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