Spring Cleaning Time Again

Posted 04-16-2013 at 11:49 AM by whitneywalters

The time of year has come again and our spring cleaning is well under way. This year we are doing more on the outside of the house than anything else but there are some inside chores that need done as well.

The biggest project we are undertaking outside and is redoing the flower beds. They need new rock and we are putting in a different boarder. It currently is just a black rubber boarder and we are putting in a nicer brick one. I am pretty excited about it. I think it is going to look great when all is done. I am also expanding flower areas and putting in some new stuff.

We are also reorganizing the sheds and garage. Over the winter they became a store all and are full of random stuff that needs to be dealt with. This is mostly tools, gardening supplies and outside toys but it still needs to be gone through since there is stuff in there that is junk. Anything that we do not need that is still in decent shape will be given away or donate, the rest will be going to the dump.

Inside the house we are doing a major over haul on the front porch. Half of the porch is suppose to be my husband’s and half is suppose to be mine. He keeps all his books, star wars stuff and other items of his out there and I keep all my books, yarn and crafting stuff out there. We also have  our deep freeze out there. It has become very cluttered and was in a desperate need of a deep cleaning, decluttering and reorganizing  We spent several hours doing it but we got it looking nice again. The amount of junk we tossed was insane, plus we donated and gave stuff away. I also swapped some books for some new ones.  I would like to get my crafting stuff even more organized but I will need to buy some new shelving first. For now it looks pretty nice and I am glad to have my space back.

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