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Posted 12-21-2011 at 11:17 AM by Monica Beyer
Willow enjoying autumn

Autumn leaves or a road trip?

Not staying *at* home, but this weekend I’m staying at home with my toddler while the rest of my family travels 4 1/2 hours west to a wedding. They will be staying the night in a hotel, and after our giant trip to Colorado just a few months ago, I really did not want to go on another long car ride with¬† my little one.

It would have been a lot of hurry up and go, then driving, which could likely be miserable for everyone, but especially me and Willow. She did okay on the Colorado trip, but there were spells of her crying and there was nothing I could do. She even got to a point where she rejected the breast, which you’re not supposed to do while driving and dangling in between seats anyway. Then the wedding and trying to corral her the entire time, and then chasing her around the reception, and then trying to get her to sleep in a strange place, and repeat the trip all over again on the way home. I just didn’t anticipate having a ton of fun for myself (or those around me, watching my stress and antics).

Gosh, I sound so rude.¬† And I do feel a little guilty. If the wedding was closer we’d go. I just can’t do a long overnight trip with her at this age right now. I really can’t. I’m glad that the rest of my family will be represented and my well wishes to the happy couple will go along with them. My older children enjoy adventures like this — getting out of the house, staying at a hotel (very exciting), parties and food.

I’m also looking forward to “camping out” with my toddler as well. They are taking the only vehicle that I can drive so we’re stuck here. The weather may or may not be nice — it will be in the 60s, which is beautiful for late November, but the forecasters can’t decide if it will be raining or not. So we may have the option to walk to a store or play in the leaves.

Have you ever felt guilty for passing a wedding or get-together when you had a baby or toddler?


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