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Posted 05-20-2013 at 01:33 PM by HollyRay

Here I sit, finally typing on a keyboard after nearly 6 months without a computer. Don’t get me wrong I like my tablet, it is easy, and fits in my purse. However it does have its drawbacks. Since I have had many a mama approach me about my tablet and ask me if it is worth it, here are the pros and cons, that I find, in the tablet vs laptop.

Tablet Pros

Small Price. You can find several brands of tablet at a small cost, on a tight budget a tablet may be the only option.

No keyboard means less stuff for the kids to break. My daughters have their own tablets, and small laptops…the laptops didn’t last long, the tablets are going on a year and look brand new still.

Small and portable. I can take my tablet anywhere just by popping it in my purse.

Multiple Uses. I use my tablet as an e-reader, it has tons of awesome apps for my shopping list, to do, money management, my etsy. I can even load sheet music as well as the piano accompaniment and armed with my headphones I am ready for music practice

Tablet Cons

The on screen keyboard. I hate it, I can’t blog with it, if I misspell something and have to go back it almost always results in a twenty minute fight with the touch screen. I did try numerous blue tooth keyboards, they could not keep up with my typing speed…thanks Mavis Beacon.

Not quite up to speed on internet browsing. Several tablets still have some “bugs” I can never get a drop down menu to open, and I have numerous glitches with opening several tabs. I know this is not true for all tablets, but for 3 of the 4 in my house it is a problem.

They are small. My tablet is often times like my keys…I find it in the oddest of places. Thankfully I haven’t left it in the freezer yet.

Laptop Pro

The keyboard. If you do a lot of typing the integrated keyboard on a laptop is, in my opinion, far easier then the blue tooth devices or touch screen keyboard on a tablet.

Mouse pad. Do you know how my kids muck up my touch screen? Bunches. With no touch screen sticky fingers tend to stay away.

Laptop Con

Price. Laptops can be pricey. Netbooks curb that price but they can still be a bit more then tablets.

Not as small. I have owned laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc. and the tablet is by far the easiest to carry everywhere you go.

Overall, it really depends on what you do. I spend a lot of time typing, and for the past 6 months without a keyboard I have hardly blogged. For me I really am happy to have a laptop. That said maybe you don’t type, maybe you want and e-reader, something to connect with social media, or general browsing. A tablet may be better for your situation. Whatever you choose, don’t get something simply because it is the latest and greatest. You have heard of the saying “Best thing since sliced bread”? Well it was great…but you could still slice you own…don’t get caught up in the hype of something, make informed decisions based on your daily needs.

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  1. 2littlebums on June 6th, 2013 8:39 pm

    Thanks for the comparison! It helps me start to decide which to get next.

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