I’m Crazy Because I Love Them

Posted 05-1-2015 at 12:59 PM by Matrivine

worried mom

I taught my child a new word yesterday, and it wasn’t a good one. While I do my best to keep such words to myself there are times that they come out anyway. Yesterday he brought me a bottle of medicine (which had been stored too high for him to get to) and opened it right in front of me (even though it was “child proof”). The word slipped out and my child regarded me with a skeptical eye. “Mommy say a bad word?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Mommy said a bad word.” He let it go because I had told the truth, but still he had the look of mommy is crazy in his expression.

I’m Crazy With Worry

The truth is I can’t let worry go when it comes to my babies. It’s severe. It comes from mommy imagination. Like what happened yesterday, except while I’m in the bathroom. I imagine chairs being dragged to a counter and used for climbing. He could fall. He could break his arm/leg/neck. I imagine the contents of the upper shelves. He could get into cleaning solutions/ medicines/sharp objects. I can see in my mind’s eye the end result very clearly. At times it has made me cry before I remember I’m just imagining and resolve to take all steps possible to prevent it.

Diaper Swapers

“But You Turned Out Fine” – The Old Way and Safety Issues

Posted 12-23-2014 at 11:16 AM by Matrivine

Little baby child in safety car seat

My mom feels that I stress out too much about child safety. After all she didn’t do or did do a number of things that are considered dangerous now. Nothing happened to me. Why am I stressing out over issues that haven’t been issues until recently.

You Turned Out Fine

Yes, I did turn out fine and I know that was because of mom’s care. I know I drank out of the water hose and lived. I am aware that I slept just fine on my stomach. She put cereal in my formula bottle. She gave me a numbing gel when I was teething. She even put me facing forward in my car seat. It wasn’t a big deal then.

It is now. Studies and statistics have come out telling us how to better care for our children. It’s not that she was a horrible parent. I’m not trying to make her feel silly or guilty. It’s just that now we have more information on keeping our infants safe.

They Change That Information Often

It’s true. A few years back babies were supposed to sleep on there tummies to keep them from choking on spit up. Now they are supposed to sleep on their backs so the don’t obstruct their breathing should they cuddle with the mattress. The fabric rail guards were to keep children from getting caught in the slats of the crib. Now we have a new crib format and have done away with the crib bumpers.

It may even change again by the time I  have grandchildren. I most likely will be wondering what my daughter is doing strapping her infant into the safety ejection pod built into the car in case of accident. Right now, however, these are the current safety guidelines and I intend to adhere to them until they change.


Child Safe Decorating

Posted 10-14-2014 at 02:58 PM by Matrivine

baby living room

When you first have children, decorating takes on a whole new dimension of thought. Instead of thinking something is pretty or would go great with your home , you think of your child instead. Will my son eat this if I put it in the bathroom? Will this be stable enough not to fall on my little girl if she pushes on it or even touches it? Here are a few child safe ways to decorate.

LED Candles

I love candles, but with the arrival  of my curious and mobile little guy, the idea of an open flame anywhere he may be able to reach put a damper on my candle burning. So now I use LED candles. Not only do they give the same ambiance that a flame lit candle would, they last longer. Best of all they are safe for my little guy to be around.

Wall Hangings

Rather than have heavy framed pictures that may (and have) fall off the wall, I use wall hangings made of cloth or a paper product. If these fall off the wall and hit my child, it won’t cause much more damage than that of a blanket falling on them. Always remember, however, that a wall hanging has no place over an infants bassinet or crib.

Keeping Our Children Safe at Home

Posted 09-24-2014 at 01:49 PM by Matrivine

Child Safety

We all want to keep our children safe from the moment they exist in our lives. We feed them right, take precautions while bathing them, and never leave them in the tub unattended. We have the newest model crib and some of us won’t let our child sleep with a pillow until they are two years old. It sounds crazy, but we would rather be viewed as crazy and keep our kids safe. And then they do something perilous. They start walking and running.

For Explorers

They want to stick things in the electric socket, open the oven or fridge just to see what’s inside, and are busy trying to get into the shampoo as you read this. I use a good deal of hardware when it comes to my exploring toddler. To buy us time getting to our explorer it’s important to use drawer and cupboard latches, outlet covers, and in some cases door knob covers that are too bulky for little hands to turn. Some companies even sell oven locks and toilet seat locks to further deter your toddler’s quest to see where the water goes.