Why I Switched to Cloth Wipes

Posted 07-16-2014 at 03:22 PM by toneylarson


When my hubby and I decided to cloth diaper, we did not at all consider cloth wipes. It wasn’t something we had heard much about and cloth diapers seemed like a big enough change anyway.

We got our first diapers from a nice woman on raigslist and they were pretty much brand new. She also hooked us up by including two diaper bags, three travel bags, and a dozen cloth wipes and wipe soap. She hadn’t been a user of cloth wipes, but had exchanged the diapers she had because they were faulty. The diaper company sent her cloth wipes along with the replacement diapers as an apology. She then told me she wished she had known about them sooner because she loved using them.

Now, I had nothing against disposable wipes. Really, when my husband started using them he lamented not knowing about these miracles wipes when he was a bachelor. We used them for everything from bottoms to dirty hands and faces to table wiping to dusting. Any surprise mess was a job for the wipes. They were convenient, easy to use, have-on-hand tools. But I made a point of trying the cloth wipes because of this kind woman’s passion and I had to say goodbye to the disposable miracle wipes.

Diaper Swapers

Ways To Reuse Cloth Diapers

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You have your last child potty training now and it’s time to get rid of those cloth diapers. Don’t just throw them out! That would defeat the purpose of those eco friendly diapers. Besides they can have so many other uses.

Pass Them On
If you know you are done having children and now all your children are potty trained perhaps it’s time to pass those diapers on to someone who will need them. Perhaps you know an expecting mother or someone who is being eaten alive trying to keep up with the cost of disposable diapers. Or perhaps you have noticed your little one has a friend with sensitive skin and could use cloth diapers. Whoever you choose to pass those clothies on to it will help save them a great deal of money.

Sell Them
That’s what our For Sale or Trade Forum is for! Sell your cloth diapers and other child rearing supplies. You’ll make some money and the buyer gets a great deal buying used. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Help! My Cloth Diapers Are Stained!

Posted 06-16-2014 at 12:14 PM by Banana Cat

Housework: young woman doing laundry
It will probably happen at some point. In my case, it happened the very first time we cloth diapered my tiny newborn daughter—your child poops, you run the diaper through the wash, and it comes out stained! Many people feel gypped the moment this happens. After all, if you have 12 fancy all-in-one diapers that cost $25 each, you will probably panic a bit—they were SO expensive! The Internet swore they were top of the line diapers, and after one use they look used and gross! What to do? (Unless you’re one of the mysterious minorities of parents online who claim that in their nine years of cloth diapering, they’ve left dirty diapers lying around for days before washing and never had a single stain. In that case, you can go on washing your diapers in your magic washing machine and send the magic our way.)

Different Types of Diaper Inserts

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So… after months of agonizing over diaper types you’ve decided to use pocket diapers with your child. Or, you know, you just randomly used one and was like, “Hey, this is a cool diaper, I’m going to buy a bunch of these now.” The pocket diaper covers, or “shells,” are all constructed pretty much the same. There’s a layer of PUL on the outside and a stay-dry inner such as microsuede or fleece on the inside (and a very few pockets have cotton velour as an inner lining too!). Every brand is shaped a little differently, or has different snap configurations, but this is the basic construction of a pocket diaper. The true differences in each pocket diaper are what’s stuffed into the pocket.

Why I Cloth Diaper

Posted 06-4-2014 at 12:18 PM by toneylarson

cloth diaper laundry featured

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I asked myself all the questions a new parent asks, from what crib to breastfeeding to parenting styles. Among these questions was, “What kind of diapers should I use?”

I’m a traditionalist and I liked the idea of cloth diapering, but when I asked around, I was met with a lot of negative information.

It’s expensive.

It’s so dirty!

You use so much water!

It’s so complicated! All those pins and folding.

Many older moms, like mine, had tried cloth diapering with their first born. My own mother recalls that she came to America with her only suitcase stuffed with my brother’s cloth diapers. But when she discovered the miracle that was disposable, she said she threw out cloth and never looked back.

My dreams of cloth diapering were shattered and I went with disposable. Sure, they worked, but we were constantly running out at awkward times, often in the middle of the night. Our daughter grew out of the infant ones immediately, and it wasn’t long before she grew out of the next size up, leaving us with half a pack of newborn and a quarter pack of ones. Save them for the next child was the general advice, but with us living in a one bedroom apartment, storage was sacred. It was frustrating to have precious space taken up by out grown diapers.

When we were pregnant with our second daughter, my husband got out of the military and we were suddenly unemployed. I tried to potty train my daughter, but she stubbornly refused to do it, even though she had proved capable of it when she was in the mood for a treat. We reevaluated our finances and wondered if cloth was still a way to go.

Baby Leggings Make Cloth Diapering Easier (+ Get 5 Pairs Free!)

Posted 05-2-2014 at 03:16 PM by Rasha

baby Leggings

Regardless of how you diaper your child, the truth is a baby goes through a lot of diaper changes in a day. The more difficult the clothing, the more difficult to complete the task. When you’re already sleep deprived are pants on your baby really worth the extra effort? Thank goodness for baby leggings!

Confessions of a Mommy War Double Agent

Posted 05-1-2014 at 01:05 PM by Matrivine


I started my parenting life as a disposable diaper gal. It was fast. It was easy to dispose of. They were easier for babysitters to work with. I got many well meaning comments. Did I know how many chemicals were in disposable diapers? Didn’t I know that they could cause cancer? Disposable diapers aren’t Earth friendly.

Later I switched to cloth diapers for the sake of my poor little guy’s rump. I thought for sure that the comments would end. No such luck. Didn’t I know that cloth diapers didn’t absorb as much and they would make my child uncomfortable? Diaper pails were unsanitary. I should just invest in some rash cream. I was going overboard.

I have often been forced to see both sides of a Mommy War concern due to the changing needs of my children. Here is what I have learned.

So You Need To Store Your Dirty Diapers

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What do you do with a used disposable diaper? Easy, you chuck it in the nearest trash can. I know, I know, until recently disposable diaper packages instructed caregivers to dump solids in the toilet and then throw the diaper away, but not many people actually do that. The point is, no one really questions what to do with dirty diapers.

So what does one do with dirty cloth diapers? Luckily, plenty of people have already solved this problem, so we don’t need to think up new solutions—just pick an existing one that will work for us!

Cloth Wipes, Revisited

Posted 03-26-2014 at 03:12 PM by Banana Cat

In a previous post, I talked a bit about cloth wipes. Most people would recommend that if you decide to cloth diaper, you also use cloth wipes, because of similar benefits—they are reusable, they are gentle, no chemicals, etc. They do seem to go hand in hand, but for various, complicated, insurmountable reasons such as “I forgot to use them,” I ended up using disposable wipes with my first child. And I was okay with that.

Then appeared my newborn boy (okay, “appeared” is severely simplifying things, but you know what I mean). Suddenly, I had two children in diapers full time. I knew adding a newborn would up my diaper laundry load quite a bit, but I was not at all prepared for the amount of disposable wipes piling into our trash can. It was crazy how many were being used, but my kids have always been mega poopers as newborns. Whatever science articles exist that claim some newborns can go days without pooping absolutely do not apply to my kids. It seemed like I was replacing the disposable wipes container every time I changed a diaper. Like many families, we’re on a tight budget and every time I pulled out a couple of wipes to use I imagined pennies clattering into the trash can.


I never knew you could go through so many baby wipes so darn fast.

How to Deal with Cloth Diaper HATERS!

Posted 02-5-2014 at 01:59 PM by JayJaysMama


There always is that one family member, friend, or random stranger that makes a comment about you and your family’s decision to cloth diaper! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard,

“Good luck with that!”


“What about the poop?”


“That’s really gross!”

I really used to get discouraged about the things that people said in regards to my decision to cloth diaper my son until I realized that HATERS are going to HATE. There will be literally a million and two opinions on how you should raise your child. What they should eat, hear, watch, be exposed to, and at the end of the day as their parents it is our decision and ours alone!

So how do you deal with cloth diaper haters? Here are some witty and educational responses for the curious ones in our lives who feel the need to fight our fluff: