Sex and the Breastfeeding Mom

Posted 09-16-2013 at 10:30 AM by angelaw

After the birth of my first child, my husband patiently waited the recommended six weeks before even bringing up sex in conversation.  I was glad. I had my hands full with a newborn and as a new mom my whole world revolved around my baby, I just wasn’t even thinking about sex.  However, after I reached six weeks postpartum, I didn’t magically become interested in sex again.

This wasn’t like me. During my pregnancy, it seemed like I couldn’t get enough. Hubby had trouble keeping up with me. I had never felt sexier than I did while pregnant, why the sudden change just because I had given birth? I talked to my doctor at my check-up only to learn that my lack of sex drive could be blamed mostly on breastfeeding.

During pregnancy, estrogen levels are extremely high. This is why I felt so feminine and sensual. After the birth of the placenta, estrogen levels plummet and prolactin surges so that your milk can ‘come in.’ This change in hormones as well as the major body changes going on after the birth tends to leave the nursing mom feeling not quite so sexy.

Another tricky situation that comes with low estrogen levels is the vaginal dryness. Just because the psychological desire returns, doesn’t mean the hormone levels required for lubrication do as well. This can present a painful problem that can easily be remedied with some lubricant. If you suddenly find yourself

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