All in One Soakers: To Detach or Not?

Posted 06-2-2014 at 11:17 AM by Banana Cat

When searching for “the best” all-in-one type diaper, you will probably come across an alphabet soup of: OBGE. As much as I’d love a diaper pronounced “Aw-buh-guh,” because that’s pretty much the sound that constantly comes out of my kids’ butts, “OBGE” stands for Original BumGenius Elemental.  Really, it should probably be “obGE” as the official name of the diaper is the original “bumGenius Elemental,” but let’s not get too picky here.

The original aw-buh-guh diaper is beloved by many, many parents. The colors are fun and bright and it’s very absorbent. However, the inner lining is made of organic cotton, and then to boost the absorbency there is a strip of folded over cotton going down the center of the diaper. This isn’t the only all-in-one diaper constructed this way, but it’s the most well-known, which is why I am using it as my example. The issue is that the inner strip of cotton is attached to the diaper at both ends. When the diaper is fully unsnapped, this isn’t a problem. But since the Elemental is a one-size diaper with snaps to adjust the fit, when you snap the diaper down to a small size, that inner cotton strip often bunches up. You can kind of fold it down to lay a bit flat, but sometimes your child wiggles around and then it looks like he or she has a lumpy butt under his or her clothing. And it’s probably not too comfortable for the kid to be sitting on, either. What’s the solution to diapers like these?


Cloth diaper manufacturers are super creative and have figured out many, many ways to have a partially detached soaker on an all-in-one diaper.

Diaper Swapers

The “W” Word

Posted 08-15-2013 at 07:32 PM by Banana Cat

The first time I heard the dreaded “W” word in regards to cloth diapering, even the walls of my apartment trembled in fear (never mind that there was construction on the building going on).

It was foreign-sounding. Like enchiladas, except less tasty.

It was bewildering. Confusing. Like when you wake up from accidentally drifting off on the couch, because Elmo’s World ended and now your toddler is happily screaming while jumping up and down on the coffee table throwing the remains of her lunch in the air and the cats are running around in circles catching bits of ham and chicken raining down on them.





At one point this butt had never known the wonders of wool covers.


For one who has not yet been initiated into the Cult of Wool, the entire concept is strange and a little scary. PUL diaper covers, okay, easy. They wrap around the diaper and snap or velcro shut. Pull on nylon covers, also easy. That’s all waterproof material. Totally understandable how it keeps your kid from leaking pee all over the carpet.