To Post or Not To Post: Bad Parenting In Social Media

Posted 05-7-2015 at 05:31 PM by Matrivine

child with laptop and mobile phone

There are a thousands of cute little memes and articles floating around on our social sites. There are also some very disturbing videos and pictures, and some of them involve the interactions between a parent and a child. With these clips of parents and their children comes a number of questions we are asking ourselves.

Why Would We Want To Pass This Stuff On Anyway?

Most of us have no desire to watch other people be bad parents, not to mention pass these videos on to our friends. So why do some of us choose to? Mainly because we a scared of what may happen when we don’t. We don’t want a little one to be harmed by their parent either in neglect or physical abuse. A first response for us may be to protect the child by posting. We hope that by posting we will create awareness and bring the parent to justice.

On The Other Hand…

We may find ourselves pausing with a finger hovering over that send button. What if this is what the parent in question wants? Is this a way to get attention for them? Are they trying to rack up Youtube views by producing something scandalous.

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