Breastfeeding Success or Failure in the Hands of Your Significant Other?

Posted 09-12-2013 at 01:30 PM by angelaw

I’ve always been a strong believer in the idea that the nursing relationship between mother and baby is strengthened or weakened by the support she receives or the lack thereof. And that even if she is receiving wonderful support through local support groups, women in her family, and health care providers, all of that can be derailed by the lack of support at home from her significant other.

I have heard so many moms talk about how their spouse, boyfriend, etc. did not want them to breastfeed because her breasts were ‘theirs’. I have witnessed my own sister not able to breastfeed in public because her husband was worried someone else would see her breasts. This was a major derailment for her as she was out in public quite often. I was more than thrilled when she finally spoke with her husband about it and how it was an inconvenience to her. He was able to see that what he was asking was a bit ridiculous and she has since been able to nurse their babies whenever and wherever they needed to be fed.

I would love to think that all of these situations ended up the same way, but I know better. Often the mom chooses to

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