Art of Trading for Cloth Diapers

Posted 10-3-2013 at 08:36 AM by yoliyoda

In today’s society we tend to obtain the things we need in rather traditional ways… “Will that be cash or charge?” However, if you started cloth diapering for financial reasons it’s good to remember that there is another option–bartering.

Bartering, often called trading, is where two or more parties swap or exchange items or services in their possession in order to obtain things that they need. Doing so can help you get the items that you need with little or no cash exchanged. The cloth diapering community is especially trading friendly. You’ll find groups all over the internet to swap or trade items. Take a few minutes to look over the IHA (I Have Available) or ISO (In Search Of) boards on this site and you’ll find that the movement to get what you need without exchanging cash is gaining momentum.

However, trading is an art form. Once you get a hold of it, you might realize that you can obtain the cloth diapers you need without blowing your budget! One of the most skilled traders on the site is expaik. I was able to speak with her to find out a few secrets for trading newbies….

Why did you start trading items online?

I find trading to work out much better than selling. The value of what I can get in a trade is typical 2x – 3x the value of the paypal I could get from selling.

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