Targeting Trouble Areas

Posted 05-15-2012 at 10:30 AM by Krista

As I have mentioned in various  posts, I am trying to lose weight. Due in part to PCOS, I gained a large amount  of weight fairly quickly, and have a hard time losing the weight, which is part  of the disease. I have shed some pounds since having my second daughter…about  forty of them. And while I know that I could continue to drop the pounds more slowly, I’ve chosen to go a different route.

I am targeting my trouble areas. I like working out this way because it gives me a more focused goal, and also allows me to better gauge  results. For example, at the moment I am working on my thighs and butt, using  Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs. After doing her Thirty Day  Shred I really didn’t think she had anything else to offer me…boy, this video is even more intense, if you can believe it! The past is much faster and I am sweating buckets!

I know that means I am losing calories, though, so I love it. I  find that my biggest challenge in working out is staying motivated. One thing  that helps me to do that is to switch the workout up so that I—and my body—stay  engaged. Once you get bored or lose focus it is so much harder to stay in gear.  Try picking a specific area you’d like to see improvement in and then either buy  a video designed for that, or research the best exercises to help you accomplish  your goal.

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