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I know it isn’t tax season, it’s still a few months away, but while most people aren’t worried about taxes I have been a wreck for months over our 2010 tax return. Yes 2010!

Living overseas we had our second daughter in 2010, and getting her social security number was the biggest kerfuffle of paperwork I have ever encountered. We decided to wait to file taxes until we got it, but she was over a year old before that happened. In 2011 my husband deployed shortly before taxes where due, he was supposed to return before the deadline., of course he didn’t return until after the overseas cutoff date for taxes (October 1). Eventually the taxes were filed, somewhere in between having another baby(getting her SSN proved to be very easy once dealing with people who knew what they were doing) and moving back to the United States. It wasn’t a big deal, except our tax return continued to be returned to us, somehow missing information, or a smudge on the paperwork, or  any number of very small very fixable problems. The last time it was returned it came with a letter saying that I needed to send in a form, but I had no idea what form or what was wrong on it, so I had to call (EEEKKK!!!).

20 minutes I was on hold, I think it was the most anxiety ridden phone call I had ever made. The lady that answered my call was as helpful as she could be, she couldn’t tell me the exact problem on my taxes but the code included in my letter indicated it was a small problem. She told me what I had to do, that this wasn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be, that problems happen and paperwork is fallible so everything was going to be okay. I sent in the form the next day and waited for another 3 weeks.

Two days ago three letters from the IRS arrived, I opened the first letter and in very large font it had a very large sum of money written in the “owed” portion of the information. I about lost it, the amount of money was impossible, it was more then we made in 3 months, I was nearly hyperventilating  I took a deep breath and tried to read over the whole form. My moment of terror subsided, the amount owed wasn’t what I owed, but what we had overpaid in taxes. The problem with our tax return had been that we had calculated the amount of money we were going to get back as much less then we were actually getting back!

The second and third letters informed me that a check would be coming in the mail as direct deposit isn’t an option when taxes are filed late, and that the check should arrive within the next month.

Can I just say – oh happy day!

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