Teaching Beauty

Posted 06-25-2012 at 11:52 AM by whitneywalters

My four year old daughter is really into glitz and glamor. She loves pretty dresses, glitter and make up. Nothing makes her happier then painted nails, a pretty dress and a hair bow. She loves to dress up in fancy dresses and she is always asking us if she looks pretty.  I know for the most part this is just her expressing herself and it is perfectly normal but I also do not want her getting wrapped up in beauty at this age. The last thing I want my little girl to worry about is fashion and what everyone else thinks looks good.

As Destiny gets older I want to make sure I am giving her a healthy example of what true beauty is. I am currently working hard to lose weight and I had a harsh lesson about talking about it in front of my kids. I was saying things that I would never want to hear my children say. I had called myself ugly and fat. I was talking about calories way to much and they picked up on it. They started asking me about how may calories were in certain treats and mimicking some of the things I said. I was not being a good role model for them and I did not want to hear my kids talk that way. I knew I needed to change. I no longer use degrading words about myself, I talk about getting healthy and do no stress over these things in front of them. It has made me a lot happier.

Body image issues are starting younger and younger in kids. I watched a new story about elementary students that are being diagnosed with eating disorders. I could not believe what I was hearing. When I was that age I was not concerned about diet and my weight. I just wanted to play with my friends. I am all for proper eating choices to make sure kids are keeping themselves healthy but I do not like to think that children are so concerned about weight at such a young age. I guess though with shows like toddlers and tiaras I should not be so surprised.

I have had more then one person tell me that I should put Destiny in pageants. They are always telling me she is so pretty, has a nice smile and she would like it. While I am not going to deny she probably would like doing them, I will never actually put her in one. I do not agree with what they teach and I think at this point in her life she needs to be taught that beauty is so much more then skin deep. I want her to see that being pretty is not the only thing that matters. She has a such a bright personality, she is smart and lights up the whole room. I want her to learn about herself.

I do let Destiny play princess and pretend to be a movie star. I let her dress in the glittery dress she loves, paint her nails and do her hair for her. I do not want to discourage her from being who she is but I want to make sure I am encouraging her to be beautiful from the inside out. I want her to know she is more then just pretty, she is also good with animals, creative and a people person. I want her to grow up and be compassionate, kind and loving more then anything else. I want my little girl to show everyone that beauty is more then skin deep.

Destiny on Grandma’s farm


Destiny just being Destiny

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  1. Krista on June 25th, 2012 11:07 pm

    She is adorable! Thanks for sharing this with us. I agree with you 110% my daughter is also like this.

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