Terrible Twos–Again!

Posted 01-29-2012 at 09:03 AM by Krista

Lately, my youngest daughter has become quite the handful. She cries often for no apparent reason and is prone to being very moody. One minute, she wants to be picked up. Then when I pick her up she will climb off my lap, turn to look at me and start crying. I have become quite frustrated. What happened to my sweet, loving little baby?

The answer has been in front of my nose the entire time. As my husband pointed out last night, she really isn’t a baby any longer. She is fifteen months, and right around that age my oldest began to behave this way. Yes, the age of the terrible twos in upon us. With my first daughter I discovered very quickly that the “terrible twos” began (at least for us) shortly after she turned one! It seems the tradition has continued.

For me, the terrible twos are filled mostly with displays of stubbornness and tantrums. While my Khalen certainly has been displaying these traits somehow it never occurred to me that this was the answer. I suppose it’s because, in having two children, I have lost track of time. With my oldest, I knew exactly how old she was and what was around the corner. Now, I view Khalen as a baby still even though she has been walking for some time and is beginning to talk. No, she is not a baby, even if she is my baby.

Khalen used to be such a sweet, cuddly angel that it is unbelievable to observe the tantrums she is capable of. She can kick and flail like no other, and will even hit or throw things at those that get in her way. You can imagine my concern when she began doing things like this without any apparent provocation. Upon lamenting this to my husband last night he reminded me that our oldest, Alison, had gone from a semi-sweet, mostly independent girl to a tantruming toddler and then transformed into a lovable, sweet girl. By this logic, he said that Khalen should come through her transformation into an even sweeter little girl. Let’s just hope that I live to see the day!

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