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Posted 12-21-2012 at 08:45 AM by whitneywalters

I do not always like taking the kids to the grocery store or running other errands because they get bored and are not always on their best behavior. It can be embarrassing to have your children throw a major tantrum in the store and have everyone stare at you. That said, when my kids do really well in the store I always praise them and it is nice when I hear it from other people as well.

We had just got over a bout of strep in the house and once the kids were healthy enough I knew I needed to get out and go to the store. We were out of juice, milk and fresh fruit. So I got everyone ready and out we went. I had a feeling it was not going to go well since they had been sick, they were still kind of whiny and they did not want to go to the store.

Once we got there it was like they turned into totally different kids then they were at home. The listened to everything I said, did not whine once, were very polite to everyone and were so good. I kept telling them how proud I was, that I was so happy they were so well behaved and since they were being so good I let them each pick out a special treat to take home for after lunch.

We had several people comment on their good behavior, shoppers and staff. Not only did the the kids love the attention, I loved it also. It is nice for a mom to hear good things from people when way to often we hear mean things when it comes to children and stores. It made my day to have so many people say such nice things about my family.

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