The Best Kinds of Gifts

Posted 06-14-2013 at 01:17 PM by whitneywalters

I love it when my children bring me little gifts that they find. There is nothing more heartwarming them flowers they have picked from the yard or a picture they drew just for me. I recently had surgery, my oldest two kids were worried about Mommy and wanted to do something to make me feel better. They made get well cards for me with the help of my mom. I was laying on the couch resting when they came running in to give them to me. It was really sweet. I will keep those cards forever, they really meant a lot to me.

Destiny is my little artist, she is always drawing pictures, making cards and coloring. She loves making art for other people and we always have art work on the fridge from her. She loves making pictures for daddy to take to work and hang in his locker.  Whenever she makes us a new piece of artwork we lay on the praise. I want her to know that every picture she makes us is special.

Last year for Mother’s day my husband took the kids to the store and had them all pick out a gift for me. My son picked out an orange juice maker, my oldest daughter picked out a boutique of flowers and my second oldest daughter picked out a small rake ( which was funny because she called it a broom but I actually use it all the time ). Obviously the baby was way to young to be involved in this so Chris just added her name to the card that the kids picked out. They were so proud to give me their gifts that they picked out all on their own. It was extremely sweet and way better then any elaborate gift could have been.

Gifts from my kids are the best gifts, they are always straight from the heart and given with so much love.


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