The Car Ride – Traveling with Kids

Posted 06-17-2013 at 01:02 PM by whitneywalters

We are planning a family trip in July. We will be going to visit my extended family that lives in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is about a five to six hour drive from where we live in Iowa. We are planning on spending four days there and have a lot of things planned. It is going to be a fun trip. I am just not looking forward to the drive itself.

We have only been there to visit once since Amelia was born. I would love to visit more but planning trips like that is not an easy task. I do not like traveling with kids and dislike it even more when the kids are babies. A five hour trip with a newborn is not a fun task at all.

Last time we went Amelia was three months old. She did better then I thought she would because we made several stops along the way. She slept most of the time we were actually driving. The extra stops allowed the kids to get out and run around for a few minutes and that helped their restlessness as well.

We do not plan on stopping like that this time. We are leaving later in the day and do not want to get there extremely late. Alex and Destiny are riding down with my parents the night before. We will leave with the younger two girls when Chris gets off work.  If we can make minimal stops, we will be getting there around ten at night.

In order to make the trip easier on the little girls we are bringing a cooler with snacks and drinks, taking some cartoons they can watch on the car dvd player and I am making a busy box for each child. Their boxes will have different coloring supplies and little games they can play. Alex and Destiny will be taking their busy box, DS systems and a cooler of snacks with them in my parents car to help keep them entertained as well.

Chris and I will stop a couple times to let the girls out, one of those stops will be for dinner. We thought about eating in the car but we think it would be better for us all to get out for that short amount of time. Hopefully the snacks and games keep the girls happy and the trip will be stress free for us all.


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  1. Nerissa on June 22nd, 2013 10:34 am

    Good luck and hope it is stress free for you. We travel with our kids alot and it has gotten easier over the years. My husbands family lives 6 hours away. One sister lived 3 hours away and we did that trip there and back in one day–almost every other month. DVD players, snacks, toys they haven’t played with in awhile (sometime I hit up dollar general) stickers and notebooks.

  2. nachoslyn on July 9th, 2013 7:59 pm

    I know how you feel we are the same way at the moment. We have postponed visiting my sister in GA because we feel that LO is way to small to handle it. He isn’t the best traveler. The longest trip we have ever done with him has been 45 min and he was flipping out! Good luck with everything and have fun!

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