The Fun in Trying

Posted 02-23-2012 at 12:47 PM by Krista

For the longest time I honestly thought I was out of the baby making business. For those who might not know through personal experience, having two toddlers can cure anyone of the desire for a child! Especially when they are only twenty months apart! When I became a second time mommy, my oldest had huge problems with this interloper. And while things are definitely much better now, and they love each other, the scars of the memory have not quite faded. I honestly considered getting my tubes tied and tried to talk my husband in to it on several occasions.

He was never convinced that our family was complete, and as some of you who read my blogs (or who saw me post in the forums) we were pregnant just a month ago. It was our second unplanned pregnancy, and we both were a bit freaked. Our house was packed tight as it was, and we only have one income. As some of you also know, we lost the baby. At the time, I didn’t think I would want to try again any time soon.

Now I’ve been rethinking things. I have started to remember how fun trying can be. The air of romance…the fun, the thrill of finding out you’re pregnant. While our house is still tight and we are on only one income, my husband got a promotion two weeks ago. Somehow it gave us the breathing room that we needed to consider making another addition to the family.

So, it looks like we are about to begin. I am still waiting for my cycle to get back to normal since the miscarriage, and I think it will be a few more months still, but we’re looking at trying very soon. I can’t wait to meet the little one that will complete our family!

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