The Good That Comes Of The Mommy Wars

Posted 04-30-2015 at 12:47 PM by Matrivine


I know. What good can come of war? What could all this social chaos and finger pointing lead to that would be beneficial? Well, the mommy wars may be a war of ideas, but it’s a war none the less, and war has a dark secret with a glimmer of hope. War is a catalyst for advancement and social change.

Technological Advancement

Like any war the mommy wars have resulted in technological advancement. Don’t believe me? We have baby monitors that have video as well as sound. We have five point buckling security in our car seats. We have created a safer crib, a safer bouncer, and ways to protect our children around the home.

Would any of this happened without the mommy wars? Perhaps, but the progress would have been slower. The pressure to have such items would not have been as severe. In reality our desire to be better parents have resulted in technological advancements by companies trying to cater to the grow “protect my child child” industry.

Vigilant Community

There has been a lot of discussion about free range parenting and other people butting into our child rearing. Some people even feel that the government is sticking its nose into our parenting ways a little too much. That may be. Many government programs that are a result of a war aren’t perfect and need a good deal of refining before they are actually helpful in society.

In the mean time there are great and terrible results. Other people are more vigilant about my children. Most parents at the playground are vigilant with regard to strangers, the actions of other parents, and the safety of all the children on the lot. People will call the authorities if they see something suspicious. Sometimes the caller may be wrong, but sometimes these calls protect a child’s well being. For better of worse our parenting communities are quicker to act for the benefit of a child rather than letting other parents and guardians off the hook.

A Meeting Of Minds

The wars will eventually come to a head. It may take a very long time. Many will be the casualties of Facebook flame wars and unwarranted calls to CPS. Eventually (I hope) the parenting community will grow tired of fighting and the peace talks will begin.

In that time we will come together with the best ideas for our children. We will stop making excuses about why the best option is not a choice we can make and just maybe we will have a future generation of even better parents. That’s the hope anyhow.

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