The Magic of Weddings

Posted 12-28-2011 at 03:56 PM by Krista

What is it about weddings? Love is in the air, and there is something almost magical about seeing a couple exchange vows. When I think about my own ceremony that is the word that comes to mind: magic. My husband and I were actually married in the courthouse because we were eighteen and nineteen, respectively, and our parents wouldn’t pay for a wedding. However, weddings are very big in the South, and close to my heart, so my darling husband had a vow renewal ceremony for us on our five year anniversary.

Recently, a couple we are friends with married and my husband was in the wedding. They did something similar to our vow renewal, because technically they have been married since June, so that she could be on his insurance. Based on that, he thought the idea of having a ceremony was ridiculous! They were already married, what was the point? He kept mumbling that he’d be glad when it was over, but the moment came when he was at the altar, and she was walking down the aisle toward him. His whole face changed, and he cried at the sight of his beautiful bride.

That’s what I mean about the magic. For a small moment, we get to witness a side to someone we might otherwise never see. We get to join in the happiness of two people as they promise to love each other until death. And then you get to party!! What’s not to love about love? :)

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