The Misunderstood Dessert: Whipped Cream

Posted 12-11-2012 at 10:20 AM by Krista

Since my miscarriage last year I got bad about working out and watching my food intake. I am, however, fed up with my weight and ready to hit it hard again. (Who is it that says sweat is your fat crying?) One of my biggest weaknesses is sweets. I really have a hard time limiting myself in this area. I love, love, love sweets. You know those questions about being stranded on a desert island, and what three things would you bring with you? Well, I think I’d bring skittles and chocolate cake and mint Milanos. Well, you get the idea.

But of course losing weight and looking great requires sacrifice. I can’t not eat sweets, the deprivation would drive me crazy. I can, however, make healthier choices and changes. One thing I have come to love is whipped cream. I think it is a very misunderstood substance. People always tell you if you’re trying to lose weight, skip the whipped cream. While it’s true that they are empty calories, the whipped cream alone is much better for you than the latte.

For example, if you use whipped cream to replace ice cream you’ll be much better off. Whipped cream has less fat, cholesterol and calories than ice cream, particularly the lite whipped cream. I shove the entire container in the freezer and then, when it’s time for dessert, I get two tablespoons of whipped cream for a total of 40 calories. I add a tablespoon of heath toffee chips for another 80 calories and I have myself a delicious, low calorie treat. You could swap the toffee bits for your choice of topping, or use fruit to make it even more health conscious! Freezing the whipped cream makes it taste very much like ice cream, especially if you get the Lite brand which is creamier in texture.

I hope this helps you cure that sweet tooth while still staying health conscious!

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