The Summer Bucket List

Posted 07-27-2012 at 10:28 AM by brewanothercup

In an effort to maximize our summer together, my two year old and I made a giant list of things we’d like to do this summer. They ranged from silly things academic things, from local trips to far away trips. Some things are familiar to us and we just enjoy doing together, like reading, and other things are totally new to us, like going for a hike (if the heat ever breaks, that is).  I tried to include things that would inspire us as well as things that would help us grow. We even left some  space open and asked friends and family what they’d like to do with us.

So far we’ve accomplished about half the things on our list. Since we’re halfway through summer, it’s looking like we’re in good shape. I’ve tried to document most of our list with pictures, too, to assemble a memory book (my son is obsessed with looking at photos of “baby” Griffin – and by “baby” he means any image not from today). The bucket list has been an awesome way to keep engaged with friends and family as well as a means to find new activities in the area. It’s given us something to do every morning and something to share with daddy when he gets home ever evening.

The items that are a big hit have become staples for our summer, too.  We went to the same museum twice last week just to ride the train and carousel (memberships are heavenly).  On the same note, some things have been a huge bust (so far: swimming lessons). But I’m hoping these things change and as my son grows, we’ll figure out how to navigate these things in the future.

More than anything, the list gives us tons of great memories together for a summer that will hopefully help us grow and learn about one another before the back to school grind. Try a bucket list weekend or a bucket list week and see how much fun you can have!

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