The World Is Our Classroom

Posted 07-7-2010 at 09:30 PM by whitneywalters

Now that our children are getting the age that they want to learn more I take all the chances I can to use for a learning opportunity.  Here are some of the activities we do.

1. We take back yard safaris, we hunt for different bugs, watch for small animals and birds. Doing this has taught my children the names of many different animals and bugs, they have a great time doing it and it is a free way to teach them about their local animal population. We also do scavenger hunts, recently we hunted for pine cones and then made pine cone bird feeders. They had a great time doing it and the like watching out the window and identifying the birds thatcome for a snack.

2. When we are in the car we identify colors on passing cars, shapes of different signs and I am teaching my oldest to read from different signs. We also play “I Spy” on long car rides.

3. During the summer we use the local libraries summer reading program as an incentive to read more and this year we are going to start teaching our son to read on his own. The library program starts at age two, they are given a goal number of books to read and at the end the summer if they reach their goal they get a nice prize package.

4. A day at the lake can be a great learning opportunity. My kids love  to fish with Grandpa and my oldest who is  four years old can identify several different types of fish. After we are done fishing we usually take a nature walk to learn about local plant life.

5. My kids help in the garden. The help plant the flowers and the veggies we grow. I used this to help them learn different colors and names of the flowers and veggies. Growing their own food as also been helpful in getting them to try more vegetables.

6. Each year our town does “Old Home Days.” Many of the workers in local businesses dress up like pioneers, they have old style food, games and more. Our local park has a small historical museum in it  that they do tours through, show how they used old tools, the way they cooked and about their daily lives. My son loved going to it, he got to milk a cow, grind flour and churn butter. He had fun while learning the local history of his town.

These are only a few things you can do to help teach your children about the world around them. I encourage you to take every chance you can to teach your children, investing in their education is the best investment you can ever make!

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