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Posted 11-22-2012 at 09:55 AM by HollyRay

Often times we hear, read, and discuss the great downfalls of television. How we all spend too much time in front of it, mindless drones to the flashing images forever ruining us and our children. In my mind moderation in all things is key, there can always be too much of anything, but lately I’ve been wondering if we give TV a bad rap. Let’s say you sit down to watch a program, you choose the program right? Of course you do! If you choose an empty show to watch you probably won’t get much from it, sometimes that’s exactly what we need, to be lost in entertainment. Other times television can be a useful tool to further ourselves and our lives.

I love PBS, TLC, HGTV, Discovery, Animal Planet, History Channel…you get the jist. Last week while watching Animal Planet I learned about frequency healing, I’ve spent several hours since reading about it and I’m absolutely fascinated. This weekend while watching HGTV I was inspired by a project I saw and took the time to remake it for my home. This is pretty common for both me and my children, we see something on TV and we RUN with that little idea, we learn from it, we explore our world based on thoughts sparked by Curious George, Pawn Stars, and other shows we watch.

For me, TV is just another tool, just like reading. People read everyday, some people read empty words, others read words that inspire and ignite passion. Reading can be just as empty as TV, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stand against the things others have written and say that they are worthless. You are reading this blog, sure I’m no classic writer, my words will probably not be read by the generations, does that make my writing worthless? No, because every time I write I hope that someone reads it and my words spark something, anything, within the reader. Then when I read that my words have touched someone’s life I know that while some people look down their noses and say the internet is a waste of time, for someone that waste of time had a positive impact of their lives.

Try and make wise choices in all things. In the things you read, watch, see, and do, strive to pick things that inspire you, ignite your curiosity, and have a positive impact on your life. If the programs you and your children watch are having a negative impact, you may not have to throw out the tv, but you could always change the channel. :)

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