Things My Husband Does to Drive Me Crazy!

Posted 12-26-2011 at 07:32 AM by Krista

Misplaces things. Take this morning, for example. I wanted Cinnabon, which I asked for an hour before he had to leave for works. Cinnabon is about three blocks from our house. My husband then realizes he has lost his driver’s license, which is sort of important considering he drives for a living! (He works for Enterprise Rent a Car) So, the next hour was spend in a tailspin tearing my house apart to look for it. When he finally realized how late it was and dashed out the door for work I was stuck putting the house back together. And I still wanted Cinnabon, dang it!

Leaves his clothes lying around. They are everywhere. He leaves clothes on the floor, in the bottom of his closet, even on the kitchen counter! Eww! I once found so many clothes at the bottom of his closet that I had to do another load of laundry. In my defense, he had just begun throwing them there. I know better now, and I search there first before I start separating the clothes!

He always says, “You seem stressed.” This bugs me because of course I’m stressed! It’s the holidays and I spend twelve hours a day running after two toddlers while blogging and studying for finals. He’d be stressed, too! If you don’t want to see me stressed, how about learning how to put your clothes away and not losing your stuff?!

He eats cereal without milk. Now, while this may not seem like a big deal, it’s just weird. He tries to get our kids to do it too, and I’m trying to raise them right!

He wakes me up every morning before he leaves for work. He makes what seems to me like an unbelievable lot of loud noise and then asks, “Hey, what are you doing up so early?”

Hope this humorous look at my married life made you smile! Feel free to add your own things that hubby does that annoys you! Have a great week, Ladies!

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11 Responses to “Things My Husband Does to Drive Me Crazy!”

  1. mibarra on December 27th, 2011 10:19 am

    I’m gonna add:

    Ignores children while playing Words with Friends or checking sports Tweets on his phone.

    Showers everyday taking all the warm water so that IF I get to shower it’s lukewarm at best.

    When the trash is full, shoves it down in the can to make more room, making it impossible to get the bag out when I finally take it out.

    Finds plenty of time for fantasy football and other hobbies but can’t find 10 minutes to iron his own work shirts.

  2. AnnaMurnane on December 27th, 2011 5:25 pm

    It was funny reading these posts my husband used throw his clothes all over except for the hamper when we were 1st married and I just refused to do his laundry unless the clothing went in the basket. It did not bother him for over 3 weeks thats is until he ran out of underwear. So now five years later he is good about putting his clothes in the hamper. we are still working on a few things but life is much easier. One thing he still does that bothers me is throw his shoes next to the shoe rack or right beside the couch.

  3. cherrycoke on December 27th, 2011 7:06 pm

    My husband also leaves clothes lying around, I’m guilty of it too but in a more contained space. We came up with a compromise to keep his clothes off “my half” of the room: a clothes chair. He can pile all the clothes he wants on it, it keeps them off the floor, and when they’re dirty, the chair is next to the hamper. After 3 years, it’s still working for us.

  4. Sageac on December 27th, 2011 9:10 pm

    :) I have to giggle, because this could be my DH posting about me. :happyclap: at least we both know to put our laundry in the hamper, I just can’t seem to keep track of anything I own… even with systems in place (which do help a lot!). We only have four “flat surfaces” in the house to put phone/wallet/keys/money on that are high enough to be safe. If its not one of those four places, it’s usually in the car.

    That said, my DH is horrible about rolling up his dirty socks (into balled pairs) before putting them in the laundry. :(
    He also puts his wet towel on the bed *every* day. :confused: why? why would anyone ever put a wet towel on the place that they sleep? I know now to look for it after he’s gone and we have come to the agreement that if I find it there before he leave I get to put it on him (his shoulder his head, whatever is convenient) and he knows that’s his cue to go hang it up where it goes so it can be used again… I try to have fun so I don’t loose my mind. :D

  5. jazacher on December 28th, 2011 10:13 am

    Have to add:
    Takes one kid into the car (we have a 5yo and 2 8 mo twins) and sits there for 15 minutes while I get the other 2 in (and still have to buckle to 5yo in)and get to put my shoes on, pee, get everything together, etc.

    Steps OVER the crying 8mo. old whos diaper I’m not changing or nursing, and sits at the table and whines about the house being a mess. !!!

    He is making progress considering that he changes the toilet paper roll IF i make sure there is some under the sink.

  6. emilyrebekah on December 29th, 2011 7:48 am

    HAHAHA! My husband eats cereal without milk too, and used to be upset if I allowed a bowl of cereal with milk in it to come near him!

  7. Mrdad on December 29th, 2011 7:54 am

    I am a guy, And I am guilty. I lose things all the time. Actually I misplace them. They are not really lost, I just haven’t found them yet. Most guys would agree with my sentiments on that one. So on behalf of men everywhere I apologize for that one. I also ask my love, “Are you alright?”, “Are you mad at me? (for this very reason here, this thread), “Can I do anything to make it better?” Which after reading this thread, I hope doesn’t piss her off even worse…. As a guy, I simply can’t read her mind. I wish I could. It would fix 99 percent of the problems we have. Because then I would know what she wanted me to do, before she told me to do it, and I could have it done. Sadly though, I’m not telepath*etic* and thus have to rely on questions. So on behalf of guys everywhere, I apologize for that one too.
    About the clothes….IDK what to tell you ladies. I’m guilty of throwing my clothes in the dirty clothes pile in our closet. However, I got the towel thing bad. I throw it on the floor sometimes in the bathroom. And I forget to pick it up and hang it back up. So ladies I apologize once again on behalf of DH’s everywhere. I can’t understand some of the other things though. How could a guy step over his crying child who needs to be changed? BAD. Or sit in the car and wait for his wife to do the hardwork. BAD. I would seriously slap myself if I do that in the future. That’s just being lazy. :( BUT sorry for that as well! I also play my music too loud (my love hates my dubstep) I wear to much cologne (it smells so good though) and I am sure I do alot of other things that annoy my love.

    On behalf of us men. We are altogether stupid, in certain ways. Sometimes you have to help us figure things out. And if we are good guys, we will listen, (eventually) and get it right. We do, do alot of great things for you ladies though. Like cook dinner, when ya’ll are tired (or every night) Or carry things so ya’ll don’t have too. Hold you when you are sad, and tell you how beautiful you are, (all the time) but even, when you are 9 months pregnant and carrying a yoshi egg inside of you, or when you wake up in the morning looking like baby birds are nesting in your hair. We take care of you as best we know, and take care of ourselves secondly as best we can. We do try really hard. And we do those small things that make up for our man-failures, because we love you. So next time your guy does something to annoy you, explain it to him, in an easy to grasp way. Let him know what you want. And if he doesn’t get it, you have my permission (and men’s everywhere) to annoy the sh*t outa him. Also, if you are having major problems. I would suggest getting a dog, and learning to train it. By the time you get that down, you will be able to train your DH. Just no shock collars please.

  8. Colleen on December 29th, 2011 11:35 am

    Haha! That sounds like my husband!!Searching for the keys/wallet is his thing, we get to the checkout at the store “Oh no, I don’t have my wallet”

    And Ditto to the laundry- my pet peeve! I eventually stop washing his clothes unless they make it into the dirty laundry basket. :)

  9. Krista on December 30th, 2011 9:31 pm

    Mrdad, that was a very funny post! Yes, you men are worth every frustration! And I know you have your own–thanks for not blogging about them on diaper swappers! LOL

    Thanks for reading, ladies! And for your add ons! :)

  10. Nita on December 31st, 2011 7:22 pm

    He takes one sock off at a time. One ends up downstairs in the rec room or in his bathroom someplace and the other always ends up in the living room. Sometimes on the table or counter, EW! He also takes his pants off with one leg inside out and his underwear are always inside his pant leg. What are you, 3?

    He bought DS a Power Wheels for Christmas, insisted on it actually (making up for not getting one as a child maybe?) and has been outside with him a total of maybe 20 min with the thing on Christmas Day. Today it was over 50 degrees, beautiful day, he napped. Ugh, really?

  11. shouldbedoinglaundry on January 1st, 2012 7:58 pm

    My husband empties the dishwasher and puts things where they don’t belong. I’ve been missing my potato peeler for about three months now and I just found the blade to my food processer in the spice rack!

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