Things We Wish We Knew Before Our First CD

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“Hindsight is twenty-twenty.” We all know that. Sometimes, after you’ve gone “all in” you have a moment when you look back and wish you’d done something differently. If you cloth diaper you’re sure to have one of those moments. Many moms, weeks and months into diapering their baby, look back and wish that they could change something. Here are a few things that some now “wiser” mamas wish they knew from the beginning.


“… you need to find a wash routine specific to your washer, because every machine is different. This drove me crazy until I accidentally found some routines for my particular front loader. They are not all created equal, apparently!” – Anna G.M


“The wonders of wool! I was scared at first, but alas, they are glorious. And sized diapers for big babies!” – Melissa G.

“… my son is a super heavy wetter and I need the strong stuff.” – Elisabeth P.

“Bamboo and hemp!” – Nikki J.


“I wish I was aware of the variety of options! I thought pockets was all that existed…lol” – Heather S.

“That I would end up loving the ‘hard’ ones the most. I bought tons of one-size pockets because they seemed the smartest (both financially and because your can add absorbency). But I ended up hating pockets and loving prefolds and covers the most.” – Amy W.

“I didn’t have a clue there were so many kinds, or what the pros/cons of the different kinds were. None of my friends did cloth with their kiddos, so I was completely lost and on my own. I did hours of research online while pregnant, I finally threw my hands up and just bought some good ol’ cotton prefolds and covers. Now, I am discovering I hate the first covers I bought, my diaper pail plan is no good, etc. I think cloth diapering involves lots of trial and error until you find what works best for you and your baby.” – Kelly W.

“We are going to cloth diaper, but the options and opinions were so confusing, that we actually decided not to really buy any until after baby arrives. We figure it might be easier once we know what kind of butt we are dealing with, lol. So we have some unbleached cotton prefolds, and a friend has promised to send us her stash. In the meantime I bought a few packs of disposables to tide us over until we figure it all out. Because,  yeah, we just can’t afford stash remorse!” – Sara Marie B.

“That just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t still decent quality. That I didn’t have to spend $20 a pop to get something that works. I really wish I had been able to test out various diapers before trying to decide on something and the huge investment.” -Tabitha G.


“How addicting it is. Haha. I told my husband today that instead of the ‘crazy cat lady’ I’m the ‘crazy diaper lady’.” – Jana Lea


“I think the most important thing I would have needed to know is that cloth diapering is VERY trial and error and its best to start slow with one or two of each different kind so you can discover what you like without breaking the bank and then having ‘stash remorse’.” – Rebecca Sue C.

“ I wish I knew more about the different kinds of cloth diapering. I had no idea about aio, ai2, fitteds, etc. My friend gave me my first 3 and I was just going to get those. I liked them–but Fuzzibunz are pricy. So I looked for ones that worked similarly. When I bought my first ones I also went for the cheapest because I didn’t know there was a difference in the making. All I saw was a pretty design in a $4.00 brand and the same one in a $15, $23, $30 and $35 dollar brand, so I went with the cheapest assuming they were the same just being sold by different people (I was on eBay). I’m still a little lost but there’s nothing like learning from experience.” – Sandi L.

So if you are a mom currently building her stash, take in the wisdom of some moms who were once in your shoes, and use their experiences to help you have a positive cloth diapering experience for yourself.

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  1. mdonaho on November 6th, 2013 7:01 pm

    Thanks for the information! I am trying this for the first time, and just hope it works. I was really wanting to buy before the baby gets here, because the money always seems to disappear when a baby arrives.

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