Thinking outside the jar

Posted 01-26-2012 at 11:05 AM by whitneywalters

Baby food does not have to come from a store bought jar! It is really easy to make. I make all my babies food.  I like knowing where their food came from and everything that is in it.

Here are some reasons why you should make your own food:

1. It saves you money.
– I can get several servings of food out of almost every fruit or veggie I get. Jarred baby food adds up in price quickly, especially if you are trying to buy all organic jarred food.

2. You know everything your baby is eating.
– I buy mostly organic fruit and veggies for my baby food. I also use veggies from my personal garden. I like having total control over my babies foods.

3. Easy to mix it up.
– Once your baby has been eating food for awhile and you have tested foods on the four day rule ( same food four days in a row to test for allergies ) you can start playing around with combos. I know that when my now two year old was still eating baby food she loved peaches and mango together.

Here are some tips for making your own food:

1. If you have the money invest in a baby food making system.
– this is not a must. I did it for years without but I did recently get a baby bullet gifted to me and I love it. It makes making food even easier and I love the baby food containers it came with.

2. Steam your veggies.
– It softens them but keeps more of the vitamins and minerals then boiling.

3. Make larger batches and freeze.
– I always make large batches, keep a couple days worth in the fridge and the rest goes into the freezer. With the system I have one average sized sweet potato makes about seven servings.


Here are a few websites to help you if you are just getting started in making your own baby food.
Wholesome Homemade Baby Food
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Homemade Baby Food Recipes


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