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Posted 05-17-2012 at 11:15 AM by whitneywalters

Anyone that lives in the Midwest area has probably had a tick or two in their life time and I am sure you already know it is prime time for them right now. I have already pulled several of them off myself and a few off the kids this year.

Ticks gross me out to no end, I don’t even like touching them. So you can imagine how grossed out I was when I found a really tiny one on the inner thigh of my nine month old daughter. I decided to call the doctor instead of removing this one myself since it was so small I was scared I would not be able to get the head out myself and they send ticks they remove for testing. I did not want to take any chances with it being on my baby.

I took her in, they tried to remove it and could not get the head out fully either. They told me to keep a close eye on it, use neosporin and watch for any sign of a rash. It took almost two weeks for the head to work its way out, the area stayed red but never got an infection or a rash. We got lucky and no one in the family has gotten sick from ticks that bit them and I am taking extra precautions since there are so many ticks this year.

These are some of the tips I have read on preventing tick bites:
1. Use deet
– Any time we go out in my parent’s woods we are using deet on our faces, necks and ears.
2. Wear light colors
– Makes it easier to spot ticks before they get on your skin.
3. Keep your legs covered
– Wear long pants, hiking pants and tuck your shirt in.
4. Check yourself carefully.
– Strip off all clothes and wash them right away after being in the woods. Carefully check your hair, arm pits, waist area, inner thighs, behind your knees and belly buttons.
5. In cases of tick bites be educated.
– Know what kind of ticks are in your are, proper ways to remove them and the signs of lymes.

Here are a few links with more information –
Avoiding ticks
Removing ticks
Signs of lymes

Here is just how tiny the tick that bit my daughter was –

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