To Sew or Not to Sew? Tips for sewing your own FLUFF!

Posted 08-23-2013 at 10:27 AM by JayJaysMama

Hey everyone!

My name is Deja!

I’m a mother of one sweet little 3 year old boy, Jaylen and a student/WAHM. I’ve always had a love for babies and when I had my son my love for him and eagerness to give him the best start lead me to the natural parenting world. As a cloth diapering, breastfeeding mom my journey was a unique one that lead me on the path to sewing my own stash of cloth diapers. I remember starting out and thinking, I wish there was a checklist of all the things I should do before I sew. So if you are feeling crafty, and want to sew for your little Sunshine, here’s just what you should know!


1. Research:

Knowing what you want to sew, information you need to sew those designs, and the most economical way to go about perfecting those designs are key in your research!

2. Join a Cloth Diaper Sewing Group

Facebook, Diaperswappers, and many other forums alike have section of women (and men) who sew, and are willing to lend a helping hand in doing so. It always helps to have a community behind you when embarking on something new.

3. Find a Pattern

Paid or free, having a starting place or a guide when first starting a sewing journey is always an extreme help. Patterns can make or break any beginning diaper sewing journey.

4. Watch Someone Else Sew!

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials. Whether it is through youtube, facebook, diaperswappers, or a sewing blog, reading, watching and learning a sewing process can help you along the way. It helps you troubleshoot each step or bump in the road you may encounter and once again gives you sure footing in the way to go when you start sewing.

5. Figure Out a Game Plan.

Take all the research, your pattern, the knowledge you have compiled and create a process to getting your sewing project well on its way.

6. Upcycle for Practice.

Now that you have a game plan, take an old shirt, old receiving blankets, old sheets, old fleece blankets, etc. and upcycle them to practice your pattern. Practice makes progress when it comes to sewing in general so using things around the house before you go out and spend money on actual cloth diapering sewing fabrics will save a lot of heartache, and money.

7. Gather Your Materials

Once you have your diaper pattern down, you’ve upcycled and practiced until you were satisfied with the fit on your little one, gather all you fabric, notions and supplies, as well as your game plan and prepare to start your project.

8. Prep Your Fabric!

The biggest rookie mistake is not prepping all of your absorbent fabric before you sew. To be safe remember anything with 30% cotton and higher should be prepped! For knits (cotton velour, hemp flecce, bamboo fleece, etc)  I recommend 2-3 hot washes, and 2-3 hot dries. For all woven fabric I recommend 1 hot wash, and 1 hot dry.  Polyester fabrics such as PUL, or suedecloth do not need prepping!

9. Cut From Your Pattern & Prep to Sew!

Cut all of your PUL, stay dry, knits, and or wovens out and get them ready for assembly! I recommend seamstress washable markers for this step. You can use a sewing specific brand like Mark B Gone, or washable markers like the Crayola brand.

10. Ask Your Final Questions. Double Check Your Process!

Unsure about anything? Nervous, or just need some sewjo? Hop online and solicit last minute sewing help from your different sewing groups and make sure that you are truly ready, in every aspect to sew!

Once you have completed all 10 of these items, you should be ready to sew for your little Sunshine! Sewing Cloth Diapers, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and raising a child in a crunchy way is something I love to do! I am so happy to be here and share my journey as a natural parent with you!

Until next time swappers!



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  1. mariposablue on September 5th, 2013 6:32 pm

    Thanks for posting this as I have been trying to read and learn about sewing cloth diapers. You have streamlined some of this process for me.

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