Total Makeover Part 1: The Haircut

Posted 11-24-2011 at 10:30 AM by HollyRay

In a previous blog I mentioned I had decided to redo my wardrobe once my daughter makes her appearance. Frankly my wardrobe needs the update, and I have always loved the 1940’s and 50’s, add that my husband has a thing for rockabilly (not that he told me until I told him I LOVED it) and it wasn’t hard to decide to go pinup in style. I’ve been buying things here and there, a few dresses, a top or two. I have a bunch of patterns and enough fabric for a couple outfits ready to go for once I “deflate”. I have however kind of lost my mojo, not that I no longer want to change my style, but I’m getting bored waiting to go more pinup.

I thought who better to come to then all of you? After all I did tell you I was starting this journey, why not have you all by my side to share the experience? Help me get my mojo back so I don’t feel like I will be pregnant forever.

Ready for a challenge?

Let’s pick out a haircut! I’ve been searching for days and haven’t found anything fabulous yet. I have a bob(ish) cut right now and I will be a mom of three so something easy to manage would be awesome. I’m not against anything “edgy” but I would like to not shave my head, not have a mo-hawk, and to not have bright pink hair. Lend me your brilliance, share with me what you think is both pinup and modern. I realize most of the cuts are longer, but in this day and age I’m sure I can fudge it ;)

Obviously I will post pics with evidence of the new haircut, and as the makeover continues I will bring you updates and pictures for you to either say “That’s so awesome!” or to laugh at hysterically. Either way it should get interesting!

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