Tutorial: Coffee Filter Window Flower Art

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It is spring. Up until recently, we lived in an apartment with a balcony and every March I would begin planting herbs, flowers, and other plants that grew well in pots. We live in a new apartment without a balcony now, and it’s difficult to grow anything indoors without the cats deciding that yes, tiny plants are The Best Thing To Eat, Even Moreso Than Meat. How to help my toddler enjoy flowers from the comfort of our own home? Why, we do an art project, of course.

Supplies Needed

  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Spray bottle full of water
  • Tape, or other temporary adhesive
  • A window
  • A child, toddler age preferred but any you have on hand will do

Step One

There are many ways to color coffee filters for an art project. This is one way that isn’t too messy and doesn’t involve paint. Don’t get me wrong, paint is great…sometimes. And sometimes the day begins with you only having had a couple hours of sleep, and your infant blows out poop with a force that soaks and stains his clothes, his swaddles, and your clothes and sheets because of course you were holding him at the time, and your toddler snuck out of her room and thought the most fun thing to do was drag a full garbage bag across the floor, which the cats then tackled and tore apart in the hopes of finding meat, and you didn’t know this until you left the bedroom to go clean up your infant and stepped on a trail of trash, and it’s only 7am and you deem it Definitely Not A Paint Day. Let your child color the coffee filters with markers.


Use all of the colors. All of them.


Step Two

After you have colored a few, give your child the spray bottle. Make sure it’s on a mist setting and spray the filter so it’s soaked. It is prudent to not do this directly on the carpet, as we did. Some of the ink will leak onto the carpet, but luckily since we used washable markers it cleaned up right away. Do this on a surface you don’t mind wiping up afterwards.


There’s nothing like the sound of a spray bottle to make the cats flee.


Step Three

Let the coffee filters dry. If you put them on a wire rack they’ll dry very fast, within a half hour. We put them on the fan (turned off) in my toddler’s room just so there’d be air flow under them and that worked just as well.


Step Four

Crumple up the dry filters in the middle, so they resemble flowers. Tape to the window and draw in grass, flour stems, leaves…whatever you want! Special “window” crayons are on the market, but we just used the washable crayons we already had on hand. You can crumple up the filters in different ways to make different sizes and shapes of flowers. I thought my toddler would love drawing on the window best, because it’s not something we usually do, but she really liked crumpling the flowers, sticking them to the window, then peeling them off and crumpling them up again. Bonus points for this project doubling as a sensory activity!


Crumple and stick. Crumple and stick.


And that’s it! Enjoy your indoor windowsill flowers that need no watering.


The washable crayon comes right off with a damp cloth. Doesn’t it brighten up a dreary city view nicely?




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