Tutorial: Melted Crayon Spring Eggs

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So, I don’t like dying eggs. And I mean that in the Easter/other nondenominational spring festival way, not eggs that are in the process of no longer living, although I suppose that’s something I don’t like either because it would be pretty morbid if I did. Anyway, even when I was a kid dying eggs sounded fun but never actually delivered on the fun factor. Everything we touched smelled like vinegar for days. My brother and I would fight over who got to use which colors first, and then we’d put our eggs in the dye and wait…and wait…and wait. Then we’d take out the eggs, attempt to carefully stand them up to dry, then bump each other’s elbows and smudge up the dye job and then accidentally crack the eggs and in the end we’d have maybe three or four good eggs out of a couple dozen and be angry at each other in a sibling kind of way. When I was a teenager I swore to never dye eggs again…and now, many years later I find myself with a child old enough to decorate eggs. I still don’t want to dye eggs and after laughing hysterically at museum-quality Pinterest Easter eggs carefully decorated with dainty vintage lace and suspiciously smudgeless calligraphy, quite clearly not done by a harried mother of two, I stumbled across the idea of using crayons to melt onto freshly hardboiled eggs for a melted look. I like the melted, marbled look and goodness knows a harried mother of a two year old has millions of crayons sitting around. I also wanted to make egg salad and so combined a toddler art project and my lunch cravings together to make melted crayon spring eggs.

Step 1

Boil thine eggs, using your preferred process. You want the eggs hot or else the whole thing won’t work so plastic eggs are not an option. You might be able to use blown eggshells if you drop them in super hot water for a few minutes, but I haven’t tried that so I don’t know how it would work. If you try it and it does, let me know!


Six eggs is all I needed for egg salad for lunch for the two of us. Of course, boil as many eggs as you need/want.

While the eggs boil, go gather up crayons from your child’s room, the art table, under the couch, wherever you generally find crayons in your home. You’ll mostly be drawing on the eggs themselves, but for another effect you can grate some crayons and use the shavings to decorate as well.


Coincidentally, my next tutorial will be titled, “How to Clean Crayon Shavings Out Of Your Cheese Grater.”



Step 2

Remove the eggs from the boiling water. You can see the steam coming off this egg. You want them hot, but they’ll stay hot for a while so you can let them sit for a few minutes and make sure all the water evaporates off the shell.


Step 3

Decorate! The wax on the crayons will melt as you color on the eggs, creating a neat effect. I was worried that my 2 year old might grab the hot egg and be put off by the whole thing by getting burned but standing the egg up and having her color at a very slight distance worked fine.  She thought it was quite novel to color with crayons on eggs instead of paper.


Using proper egg stands would have worked better so more of the egg was exposed to draw on, but hey, use what you’ve got on hand!

Step 4

For a marbled look, we took the crayon shavings and sprinkled them over a couple of hot eggs. They melt and meld together as they drip down the sides of the eggs. This was easier than drawing on the eggs and would be a good activity for kids who can’t or don’t want to draw directly on the eggs.


I love the marbled effect.

And that’s it! It will take a while for the eggs to cool, but once they do the wax will be quite stuck to the eggshells; you won’t need to worry about it rubbing off by accident. When we peeled them a few days later to finally make egg salad the crayon stayed stuck to the eggshell and didn’t flake onto our lunch; I was a little worried about eating crayon flakes, but they’re nontoxic anyway if they do happen to get onto your egg somehow. As an aside, as I was snapping photos for this post my cat hopped up and posed for a photo. So here you go.



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