Tutorial: Reversible Children’s Apron

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My 20 month old has been showing a ton of interest in what we do in the kitchen. She likes playing with her own toy pots and pans and felt food, but when we are cooking something she NEEDS TO KNOW RIGHT NOW what Mama and Dada are doing waaaaay up on the counter she can’t reach. As an anniversary present for both of us (and to save our arms from the constant barrage of “Up, up up!” demands) I bought a Guidecraft Kitchen Helper and now little Lainey can stand at counter height and cook along with us.

After the first toddler-assisted cheesecake, of course made while she was wearing black, I knew a child’s apron was the next thing to buy, except all the ones in the stores are ugly and cheap so I decided to make one instead.

Step 1:

Necessary supplies:

  • You’ll need two different 18” x 22” pieces of fabric (for all you sewing-savvy people out there, that’s also 2 fat quarters), one for each side. I had majestic plans for a dinosaur-themed apron but when I mentioned the words “buy fabric,” a raised eyebrow from my husband had me heading towards my (I admit it, multiple large) fabric scrap bins instead. These are leftover cotton pieces from a billowy summer dress I made Lainey a few months ago.

Don’t get me wrong, this is super cute fabric. But perhaps you will see a dinosaur apron in the background of another post sometime.


  • You will also need two 18” x 6” pieces of the same two fabrics above, one of each design.
  • You’ll also need some ribbon. Pick a color, any color.

Unnecessary optional supplies that may end up in your shopping cart to fancy up your apron:

  • Ric-rac in a coordinating color: For fancy decoration.
  • Velcro or snaps: For an adjustable neck strap.

Step 2:


Fold your 18” x 22” fabric in half lengthwise. Place pattern piece, which you can download here, in the upper left corner, making sure it is not along the folded edge. Print at 100% (not “Fit to Page” or so on); the edges should measure about 6 inches. Pin into place and cut out. Do the same for the other 18” x 22” piece. You now have two identical apron-looking pieces of fabric!


It should be looking like an apron already. That means it’ll be hard to screw up from here, right?!

Step 3:

Cut three pieces of ribbon; two 20” long pieces and one 16” long piece.


Contrary to the previously captioned picture, I screwed up here. I wasn’t paying attention and cut my first ribbon to 18″. Way to go, me.

Step 3.5 (optional):


Take your 18” x 6” pieces of fabric and sew ric-rac, pom poms, bias tape, or other decorations along one long edge. Otherwise:


Step 4 (if you did not do Step 3.5):

Fold down one long edge about ½ inch and sew about 1/4” from the edge to keep it in place. You could also serge this edge if you want, just to keep it from unraveling in the wash.

Step 5:



Take one apron piece and lay it right side up on your sewing surface. Lay one of the 18” x 6” rectangles along the bottom; this will be the apron pocket. Pin in place. Take your two 20” pieces of ribbon and pin in place just below the armholes. Fold them inwards for now, as shown, so the longer bits don’t accidentally get caught up in your sewing.

Step 6:

Take your second apron piece and pin the pocket into place on it. Turn this piece upside down and place it on top of the first apron piece, so they are “right” sides together.

Step 7:


Apron, sewed along the edges and turned inside out. I assume a cat bumped into me as I took this picture and that’s why it’s a bit on the blurry side.


Sew about 3/8” along the edges of the entire apron, except for the very top. Turn the apron inside out using the top hole.


Step 8:


Yes, the iron was on as I took this photo. Not recommended because if you leave it a second too long the fabric will start to burn.

It will be a very lumpy apron. Press along the edges with a hot iron to make them neat and crisp.


Step 9:


Fold in the top edge down a little bit on each side of the apron, so the top will have a nice, neat edge when you sew it down. Slip about ½ inch of your 16” ribbon into the top hole and pin in place. You can either pin the other end into place on the other side and sew straight across the top, closing the hole and securing the ribbon for a non-adjustable neck strap, or sew just the first end in place and add velcro or snaps to the second end for a more adjustable strap.


I just bought KAM snap pliers and have been adding snaps to everything I can. Hence, the snaps on the neck strap. For velcro you can sew the “loop” part onto the apron and the “hook” part onto the ribbon.

Step 10:

Put it on your child and start baking! You’re done!


So it ended up a little long on my short toddler. No worries, she has plenty of time to grow into it!


Flip side of the reversible apron. Mommy’s apron is looking a little plain next to the cute toddler one!

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