Tutorial: Spring Blossom Craft

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If you’re a child, you might look outside and see skies that are a little more blue, breathe in air that’s a little more fresh, hear a few more birds chirping, and see the bright green buds of flowers unfurling from the ground. The world is changing and full of wonder. If you’re an adult, you might look outside and see sunlight still streaming through your child’s windows at bedtime, breathe in air that makes you sneeze, hear the incessant screech of birds at 5am, and see the unwelcome buds of flowers that promise to spray pollen at your nose every time you walk by. The world is changing and full of minor annoyances that only exist at this time of year. However you look at it, spring has arrived.

One fine spring morning, I decided we’d drive to the local university to see the cherry blossoms blooming on the trees. Then I actually pulled up the blinds and saw the dark clouds rolling towards us, plump with rain. The next day was the same, with an added bonus of extreme wind. The third day I was getting a little desperate and tried to point out the blossoming trees you could kind of see from our top-floor apartment window. My two year old glanced out, blandly noted that a city bus was driving by, then continued painting her limbs purple with a jar of tempura paint. I gave up and decided if we couldn’t go see spring blossoms, by golly we’d make our own.



  • Tissue paper or colored coffee filters
  • Sticks or branches
  • Construction paper
  • Glue strong enough to keep sticks on the construction paper

Step One


Take your sticks or branches and glue them in a vague tree-like shape on the paper. In the photo, you’ll notice the telltale white streaks that indicate we used glue sticks. I don’t actually recommend glue sticks if you want the project to stay in one piece for more than a day because I don’t find the glue is strong enough to keep the sticks on the paper; however my daughter insisted on using glue sticks, and really, this project was for her to do so I went with it.

Step Two

Tissue paper is great for this step, but if you don’t have any you can use your preferred method for coloring coffee filters and use the coffee filters instead. In fact, I gathered no “new” materials for this project as we used leftover coffee filters from this project and sticks snapped off from our branch from a nature stick craft. Hooray for using what was on hand!


Tear up your paper into bits and ball it up. This is the part that’s most fun.

Step Three


Glue your blossoms on the paper. Fill up that space so it looks like a blossoming tree branch. You did it! You made your very own spring blossoms and didn’t have to trudge out into the dreary, waterlogged outdoors. That’s a win in my book!


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