Tutorial: The Cow and the Moon

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My two year old is currently obsessed with the moon. She’s always liked looking at it when it’s visible, but it was always more of a “Oh look, a moon, hey a worm on the ground, Mommy can I have apple juice?” sort of thing.  Then one day I grabbed a science preschool moon book off the shelf at a thrift store to keep her quiet. Best $0.79 I’ve spent in a long time—it became her nighttime “Again, again!” read. She learned all the phases of the moon and eagerly ran to her window before bedtime to see what the moon looked like that night. She pointed out the moon in every other book or video she had. Everything was suddenly all about the moon, all the time.

We pulled out a book of nursery rhymes one day and read “Hey Diddle Diddle.” My daughter pointed to the picture and said, “The cow is jumping da moon? What, dat’s SILLY.” It was the most hilarious thing she’d apparently seen in a long time. So, we made a cow-jumping-over-the-moon craft, made out of simple shapes and supplies so my 2 year old could do as much as she could on her own.



  • A white circle. A paper plate would work perfectly for this, but we were out so we used a circle of construction paper instead
  • A piece of paper to make spots for the cow, if your cow is the spotted kind.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • More paper to make the cow’s head and legs

Step One


Cut the white circle in half, or help your toddler, who is very excited to be told, “Yes, Mommy is letting you use scissors today!” Put aside one half of the circle for now–that will be the moon. The other half is the cow.

You’ll need something to be the cow head. An older child can draw it themselves. You can print out a cow head from the internet (that’s not a phrase you hear in everyday conversation!), or you can be like me and whip up something real quick that looks vaguely like a cow head with a marker.


Step Two 


Cut a few spots and some cow legs out of your construction paper. Give your very, very, very excited toddler the bottle of glue and tell her to go wild. She will.  You may want to have a little more foresight than I did and have your toddler go wild with the glue on a non-carpeted surface. Then have her glue the spots and legs onto the cow. It may be a bit abstract. For instance, our cow has no tail.


Step Three

Decorate your moon! You can keep it as a half-moon, or you can cut out a little portion of the inside to make it more crescent, and thus, storybook shaped. My daughter insisted I draw a happy face on the moon, so I did. And that was that, the cow jumping over the moon…at least until she exclaimed, “Iz the cow! Iz the moon!…….Again, again!”


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