Twins! Twice the Diapers, Twice the Reviews

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So many people see diapering as a hassle.  All the changes, and all the CHANGE going into the trash can!  One of the more common comments involved in the third degree about being a mom to twins is, “I bet you spend a mint on diapers!”  People are generally shocked when I tell them that no, actually we save tons, because we use cloth.  I’ve gotten my fair share of  ”Ew! There is NO way I could touch all that poop!” but in general, the responses have been good.  A lot of older women enjoy telling me of their cloth diapering adventures when their kids were younger, and if none of my kids are screaming, or have-to-go-pee-right-now I usually humor them and listen to their stories…you never know when you’ll learn something new!

So.  Twins.  Two babies.  Lots of poop.  Lots of diapers.  As a little bit of back information, I wasn’t a newbie at cloth going into it with twins.  My now 7 year old was in cloth from one year on, and then my now almost 5 year old, I’m proud to say, never had a disposable on her tiny bum, so I had a pretty good idea what I was going for this time around.

As a reference point, my twins were born 5 weeks early.  JD was 8lb 9oz, and SF was 7lb .6oz so they were pretty big as far as being multiples as well as preemies.

We started out with:

2 Dr. Seuss nb aplix covers

2 nb aplix Bummis Super Brite covers

4 preemie proraps

2 Rumparooz nb aplix covers

2 me-made nb aplix covers

27 THX

4 WAHM nb diapersAIO/AI2

2 Swaddlebees nb

8 Tiny G’s stuffed with preemie pfs

2 grovia nb

24 xs bg

2 blueberry xs

1 swaddlebees nb

7 Aplix alva nb

2 Charlie Banana xs “Goodbye Disposables, Hello Cloth”

12 xs fb

5 me made/WAHM contours with lay in soakers

2 nb alva snaps

7 Kawaii nbs

2dz nb pfs

4 flats

4 preemie pfs

Lots of me-made wipes

Several Snappis and 2 sets of Boingos


I had a pretty large stash, and overall it worked really well!  At the beginning, we washed every day. We changed at every feeding, which was every 2 hours.

My very favorite newborn diapers were the Ragababes.  They are pricey and can be hard to find, but they were worth every penny!  If I had an unlimited budget, those would have made up over half of our newborn stash.  Right after they came home from the hospital, the rise was maybe 1/2″ too high because it did rub the cord a smidge, but other than that, they fit perfectly on both babies, and the absorbency was top notch!

A close second to the Rags were the Lil’ Joeys and THX.  They had an amazing fit, especially with the snap down for the cord.  However, the absorbency on them was out grown quicker than the sizing.

Our next favorites really surprised me.  I bought around a dozen Grovia newborns early in my pregnancy.  Once I got them, they seemed so stiff and uncomfortable to, especially compared to other diapers I had.  So, I ended up selling all but 2 of them, convinced I wouldn’t like them.  However, I was really surprised!  They fit great, well under the cord, and had great absorbency!

The Tiny gDiapers were just kind of “meh” all the way around.  The fit was ok, nothing to complain about there.  Obviously, the absorbency depends on what you stuff them with. We used a trifolded preemie prefold, and it was good enough. Really there wasn’t anything WRONG with them, it just wasn’t love.  Same situation with the xs BG AIOs…just not in love.  I don’t think they’re absorbent enough, and the fit just didn’t seem up to par for a Bum Genius product.

Newborn Simplex were great diapers for us. They are on the larger end of the newborn spectrum, but I personally liked that, as they got us through that awkward “outgrew Lil’ Joeys but still too tiny for one size” phase.  The absorbency was great, and it had the pocket so you could add more if you really needed it.  Keep in mind, though, that these are NOT stay dry, so if you have a little one who is sensitive to wetness you may want to use a fleece or suedecloth liner.

We hardly ended up using any of our covers.  I knew from the previous kids that I just really don’t care for fitteds, and our prefolds were mainly used to stuff pockets and catch spit up.  The Bummis Super Brites are highly recommended for tiny newborns, I’ve noticed, so that’s why we got 2 of those, as well as the Rumparooz.  They all had a great fit, but like I said, just not for us.

The NB Alva custom with an extra snap down rise and velcro closure had a very good fit on the smallest rise setting. I made inserts for these with I think a layer of mf, a layer of zorb, and 2 layers of flannel. They were a bit hard to stuff, because they’re pretty narrow in the crotch. They hit right at the cord, but the landing zone aplix on them are super soft so it didn’t irritate it at all.

Newborn Fuzzi Bunz and Charlie Bananas were also on the bigger end of the newborn sizing.  They gapped at the legs when we first tried them around 8 pounds.  Once the twins were a little bigger, they fit well though.

I had a GREAT time shopping around for the twins’ stash! Oh, who am I kidding?  I still do, haha! Overall, I was really pleased with how it all worked out, and there weren’t any purchases or trades that I really regretted making.

Now that the twins are 8 months old, they’re wearing all one size diapers, and we’re washing pretty much every other day, possibly every third if, oh, say, one of the parents is so exhausted at night that she forgets to put them in the washer.  [Sigh.]  I admit it.  That’s me I’m talking about.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I really don’t “touch all that poop!”  ;)

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