Unconventional Lullabies

Posted 04-30-2012 at 12:21 PM by whitneywalters

All my kids have loved being sang to while I am rocking them to sleep. The thing is rarely was it an conventional lullaby that they would settle down for.

Alex did like twinkle twinkle little star but he is the only one out of the four that little what would be considered a normal lullaby. I do remember one day I had been at the store and had left Alex with Chris. Alex would have been about five months old at this time. When I came home Chris was humming I can’t stop loving you by Van Halen and Alex was fast asleep on his shoulder. He told me that Alex had gotten really upset and that was the only son that came to his mind. It had been one of our wedding songs because I adored the song, apparently Alex liked it also.

Destiny was a needy baby, she spent almost her entire first year in my lap, in the sling or with me in some way. One day she was being fussing in the sling while I was doing house work and then all the sudden just stopped and stared at me. Soon she was fast asleep. I had been listening to the beetles and was singing the song I want to hold your hand. She loved it and from that point on that was the song she loved to hear. She is four and a half now and she still likes that song.

My middle daughter loved a Bob Marley song. I was watching Nick JR with her two older siblings one day and they were playing an animated version of the song three little birds, she loved it. I started singing that song to her when rocking her and she would just sit there and grin until she drifted off to sleep.

My youngest who is nine months loves all music in general. I sing all kinds of stuff to her because she really responds to music. She really likes Bread. Bread is one of my favorite oldies bands and I listen to it a lot. I always noticed that when the song make it with you would come on she would get really calm. So that is the song I sing to her and she always falls asleep really fast.

I am actually glad my kids like unconventional lullabies, I seem to remember the lyrics to the songs they do like a lot better then normal lullabies anyway.

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