Up-Cycling Picture Frames

Posted 11-8-2011 at 09:30 AM by whitneywalters

I am a huge fan of up-cycling items. I love being able to re-purpose items I already have in my home.

I have a ton of unused picture frames sitting around. I have a habit of changing the style of frames we use pretty often and then I put all the old ones in a tote for later use. Here are a couple projects I have found that I can use those frames for.

1. Do it yourself dry erase board

What you need
– an old picture frame with glass
– pretty piece of paper
– dry erase markers

Frame the pretty paper, hang on the wall and you have a nice dry erase board! I love this idea because I can make it match my decor in the room I hang it. This looks so much nicer then a white dry erase board.

2. Hair bow holder

What you need
– frame (without glass)
– 3/8 inch gross grain ribbon
– embellishments
– staple gun
– hot glue gun

Cut the ribbon long enough that you can staple it on the inside of the picture frame. Using the hot glue gun glue any of the embellishments you want on the frame. Now you have a pretty way to hang hair bows and clips.

3. Earring holder

What you need
– picture frame ( without glass )
– window screen material
– hot glue gun
– scissors
– fabric or heavy paper
– staple gun
– ribbon

Using the hot glue gun glue the window screening on the inside of the frame. This can be hard to do without burning yourself. I have heard that placing a line of glue on the top of the screen is the safer way to do it. Trim the edges.
Staple a piece of paper or the fabric on the back.

Glue on ribbon and hang.

Hang your earrings on the finished product!

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