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Posted 02-1-2013 at 11:56 AM by whitneywalters

I am all about saving money, recycling and being craft. I love being able to do all three things at the same time also. I have been looking for some new ideas that involve all three things and I have found some pretty neat crafts.

1.  Empty paper towel holders.
– Before you throw these in the trash try these two ideas on for size.

Cord holders
Decorate the tube with pretty paper or paint it if you are a good painter. It looks a lot nicer then twist ties to organize your extra cords from the computer or television.

Napkin Holders
Cut the rings to size and decorate with pretty fabric.

2. Empty jars

– We always have empty glass jars and I never want to throw them out. We had a lot of random jars sitting under the sink before I found a couple cute things I could do with them.

Potpourri Jar
Fill a glass jar with desired potpourri, cover with a small lace doily and tie a ribbon around the rim to keep it in place.

Put pebbles in the bottom, fill with potting soil and plant herbs or small flowers. Place on a windsill and watch it grow.

Memory/note jars
This site has several really neat ideas for different jars. I am going to make a love note jar.



3. Empty oatmeal containers or nesquik containers

Head band holder.
My three girls and I all wear headbands and since I make our headbands we have a lot of them. When we finish up the oatmeal we are currently eating I will be recycling it into a place to hold our head bands.

What you need-

Empty container
Pretty scrapbooking paper
large flower or something to cover lid

Make sure the container is clean.
Remove the lid and cover in a layer of glue
Cover with paper, run hands over to ensure a clean finish
Place lid back on, you can cover the lid if you want with fake flowers, paper or anything else you want to decorate it with. If the lid is clear you can always just leave it plain. Make sure you can still remove the lid because it gives you extra storage on the inside.
Place headbands on and enjoy your holder.


These are only a few ideas on recycling items for crafts. Here a few more sites I use a lot when I am looking for something new to make.

Recycled crafts
Recycled crafts


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