Wasting Food

Posted 08-22-2012 at 09:52 AM by whitneywalters

This is a subject that I am sure all moms can relate with me about. My kids waste a lot of food and it is driving me insane. I have tried just about everything out there to get them to eat their food. I start with small portions and offer more if they are still hungry, I try hard to come up with healthy dishes that everyone will like, I have covered the plates and given it to them again the next day and I have even tried the starving children in Africa talk ( which got me nowhere since they just looked at me and said they would give them their food ).

I am also ashamed to admit that my kids are not the only ones that is guilty of wasting. I recently cleaned the fridge out and we threw out more food than I want to admit. I have a bad habit of cooking too much, then it goes in the fridge and we rarely use it again. My husband does take left overs to work with him but we still end up throwing out a lot. It has become my goal to stop doing this. There is no excuse for us to be wasting as much as we are.

The first thing I am going to do is start cooking smaller amounts at meal times. I am trying to make enough for that meal and one extra plate so Chris can take it to work with him. When we have soup I will freeze whatever does not get eaten that night in small bowls and then he can take it with him at a later date.

As for the kids wasting I know I cannot force them to eat. I can just keep doing the same things I have been doing already and letting them know why food should not be wasted. I even cut down the the serving size more then I did before. I always tell them to eat what they have and if they are still hungry I will give them more. I want them to learn why they should not be wasting and I am going to do what I can to be a good example.


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