Ways to Celebrate Every Baby

Posted 02-18-2014 at 01:30 PM by whitneywalters

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I know that not everyone agrees on what is right for number of baby showers. Some think it is not appropriate to have them after the first and others think every baby deserves a shower. I am a firm believer that every baby deserves a celebration of one kind or another. I am perfectly okay with going to or hosting  a shower for someone having their first, fifth, or tenth baby.

There are so many different things you can do when it comes to throwing a shower or party for a mom to be. Of course the first time mom usually gets the biggest baby shower, but that does not mean a second, third or so one can not have a great party as well. I have heard a lot of people say you throw a shower for the first and the rest get a sprinkle.

My sister just had her second child a couple months ago. My mom and I threw her first shower and when we found out she was expecting again we started planning another party. Since she already had everything she needed big item wise, we decided to throw her a clothing shower. Her first was a boy and her second was a girl so the main thing they really needed was clothing. We kept the guest list small and all decorations were items she could use. We strung baby clothes on a clothes line and the center piece on the gift table was a headband holder I made for her. Even though the party was small, we all still had a good time and my sister got a lot of cute clothing for my niece.

I am days away from having my fifth child. I have had a shower for all but one of my children. I had the normal baby shower with my first, a small get together with a few friends and family with my second, we started attending a new church with my third (they throw a shower for the first baby you have while attending the church ). I was supposed to have a small shower with my fourth. The place my husband had been working wanted to throw a small shower but he ended up getting laid off before the shower was supposed to take place. I was pretty disappointed that we never got the shower. For me it was not about the presents, it was more about having people take the time to celebrate our new baby with us. With my fifth, my mom put together a small shower for us. We had given away or sold almost all our baby stuff before finding out we were expecting and she just wanted to help find a way to bless us with clothes for the baby.

Other party ideas I have heard of for a second (or whatever number after the first ) include-

  • Diaper parties (Guests either bring diapers or a gift card to buy diapers. Since diapers are a large expense this is a great way to bless a mom to be.)
  • Essential parties (Guests bring essential items for baby, like diapers, shampoo, wipes and the like. )
  • Stock the freezer (Guests each bring a meal that can be frozen and used after baby is born.)

 In your experiene, what has been your favorite baby shower party plan?

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  1. SweetSummer on February 19th, 2014 5:40 pm

    my work hosted a book theme baby shower so everyone brought their fave childhood book (and some others brought different gifts too). It was great!

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