We believe in Santa

Posted 12-10-2012 at 08:57 AM by whitneywalters

Christmas is just around the corner and this sparks the age old conversation between many moms that I know, Santa Claus. Most of our friends do Santa with their children but we do know a few people who do not. While I think either choice is fine and that everyone should do what is right for their family, I do not like having people telling me that we are lying to our children and that what we are doing is wrong. I would never dream of telling them that not doing Santa is wrong and I think I deserve the same respect.

We are a Christian family so we do teach the meaning of Christmas to our kids. They know about Jesus’ birthday, we have taught them the Christmas story. Christ being part of Christmas is very important to us but we also enjoy Santa Claus. I have an ornament for my tree that is Santa kneeling over Jesus in the manager, it is my favorite because it is everything I love about Christmas. I truly believe that Santa is a very important part of Christmas.

One of the biggest things I hear people talking about  is that they think it wrong to use Santa to make your kids behave. Personally, I expect my kids to behave all year, not just shortly before Christmas. While I will not say I have never told them to be nice because Santa is watching, I truly try not to do that. I don’t want my kids to behave only in hopes of getting massive amounts of presents, I want them to behave because they know it is the right thing to do. That is why we try not to use Santa as a bribe for good behavior from our children.  We also write letters to Santa, they give Santa three ideas of things they would like to have and we tell them Santa will only be bringing them one gift. The rest of their presents come from Mommy and Daddy and they know that.

As for the lying to your children argument  I don’t look at that way. My parents did Santa with us kids and we were not angry or felt lied to when we got old enough to know Santa wasn’t actually real. My mom would tell us the true story of Saint Nick and then just told us that she played Santa to keep the Christmas magic alive for us. That is what I am doing with my kids as well. I am playing Santa to give them memories, to have fun and to create Christmas magic. Santa is a fun tradition that we do as a family because it makes us all happy.


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  1. Pixi6s on December 10th, 2012 10:45 am

    I have a interesting issue with this. We try to keep the spirit of Santa alive without actually telling my son that there is a man that stops by with a bunch of presents. He is only 3 and is just starting to grasp something. My husband grew up Jewish and I grew up with Santa, neither of us are religious. We celebrate both because of traditional. I believe Santa is real, not because there is a man that brings gifts but because christmas is magical. :)

  2. New cloth lover on December 10th, 2012 5:45 pm

    I agree! They have so much fun with it and I enjoy it as well. It’s not an added burden, it’s something magical to them. I wasn’t at all disappointed when I found out the “truth”. When I asked I was told that Santa represented the spirit of giving during the Christmas season. I always thought that was right on :)

  3. abeccarelli on December 11th, 2012 2:27 pm

    We do Santa, but will likely do St Nicholas with the baby. My 9 year just figured out that we are Santa, she is cool with it. In fact, she gets to be Santa this year for her little sisters! She is SO excited to be able to be a part of something this special. Our 8 year old knows too, but won’t admit it. Both girls would tell anyone who challenged that Santa isn’t real that he is a modern representation of St Nickolas and that we carry on that giving spirit in his name.

    We don’t see it as lying because we are Santa, and therefore he is real. At least in our home he is.

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