Weird Things Kids Do

Posted 10-1-2012 at 11:28 AM by Krista

You know, whenever people talk about having kids they usually focus on the adorable: Little Suzie was wearing her mommy’s high heels, or Tommy killed a spider because it scares his sister. Etc. The things that amaze me the most since becoming a mother have been the weird things my kids do.

For example, my oldest likes dry macaroni noodles much better than she likes them cooked. If it weren’t so weird and I believe she actually got nutritional value from it (I mean, can you? I simply have no idea) maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. But really, it’s just kind of odd. A friend was over the other day and Alison just opened up a box of macaroni and started munching like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Oh, another thing: she likes to wear a skirt under her skirt, to make it poofy so she can spin in it. And her best argument, which she uses for everything when I tell her “no” is “but it matches!” I guess it started because we started disagreeing about clothes so much. Now she just uses it for everything. “No more cheese” results with the reply, “but it matches!”

As for my youngest, she likes to wear just one shoe at a time. She will take one of them off, and there have been a few trips to Walmart where I didn’t catch it until we were inside and she was limping because one shoe was missing. She loves it. She also tickles her own bellybutton to make herself laugh.

Some things kids do are funny while others are an eyebrow raiser. So, what about you? What weird/funny things do your kids do?

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  1. Vegs Dragonflies on October 3rd, 2012 8:55 am

    When my 14 yr old was 2 he stuck the stuffing from the sectional way up in his nose. I had to take him into the docs twice to have it removed. He smelled horrible. He (still two yr old) also wore his superman blanket sleepers every where. HE wore them unit he was 4 and the sleeves were about 4 inches too short and the feet were cut off. He wore them with his justin work boots. When he was 4 I bought all the kids a cross locket for Christmas. He kept boogers in his. I didn’t find this out till one day I saw him open his and eat something from it. He said they taste better crunchy.
    With 7 kids I could write all day about the weird things kids do…. :)

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