What is it about tiny newborn diapers?!

Posted 09-28-2012 at 11:46 AM by Heather8183

Just what is it about tiny newborn cloth diapers that is so addicting?  DH and I will be TTC within the next few months, but I’m afraid by then there won’t be and diapers left to buy!

Right now, I’m pretty sure we have 13 xs BG AIOs, 8 NB Grovias, 8 Lil’ Joeys, 2 XS Fuzzi Bunz, a NB Blueberry pocket, and LOTS of preemie and newborn prefolds.  I also have a lot of K’s OS diapers left as well that I’m in the midst of refreshing with new aplix and elastic.

I know I sound like a loon but in my defense, we did have a miscarriage in February, so I bought a few back then and did trades for some as well.  I know I have more than enough, but the closer we get to TTCing, the more I want to get!  The good news is I haven’t actually spent much money on them at all.  Most of them were trades, and the ones I did buy I got at a great deal.

K was cd’d from birth.  Her first diaper was a WAHM made Heather Ross goldfish fitted with a snap down for the umbilical cord.

DH was hilarious because when it was time for her to be born and I was ready to push, every nurse that came into the room was informed by him that she would NOT be wearing a paper diaper.  He let them all know that we had her first diaper ready for her to wear and that if they needed him to, that he could put it on for them.  Honestly, I couldn’t remember who put the diaper on, so I just had to ask DH and he said the nurse did put it on.

We still have K’s first diaper, put away with her coming home outfit.  Maybe the next baby should wear the same one for his or her first diaper?  Then again, I think I might have enough that he or she could have her very own first ;)


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  1. Leigh on October 15th, 2012 10:52 am

    My daughter told me about your website. I’m trying to find inexpensive fitted cloth diapers and some covers for a young friend expecting twins in two months or less. I am 65 and both daughters wore cloth diapers from a diaper service when they were babies. I want to stop the pollution in any way possible by discouraging use of disposable diapers. Need to get preemie and small sizes. Which do you recommend?

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