What is this Stain?

Posted 09-30-2011 at 07:09 AM by Monica Beyer

I started cloth diapering when my youngest was 2 months old. We began our CD journey with two dozen premium prefolds and a few Thirsties covers. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of trifolding them into the covers and fastening the tabs, but I did it incorrectly enough a few times to experience a few, dreaded blowouts.

One time was particularly memorable. My oldest child, a 14-year-old boy, was sitting with the baby on his lap. It was a sweet sibling moment, with the baby just hanging out and the older boy watching television. Suddenly, I heard him exclaim, “What is this STAIN?” I honestly had no idea what he could be talking about, so I walked over to see him poking around a mustard-colored glob on the belly of her onesie. “That’s poop,” I said, “and you are touching it.” He ran to the bathroom to wash up, gagging the whole time.

When I changed the diaper, the mess was certainly amazing. Not only did it pop out the front of the diaper cover but out both legs and up the back. I am not positive what led to the massive blowout but I did put the diapers on a little tighter after that.

Happily, this exciting mess only happened 2 or 3 times after switching to cloth. Even with her explosive and voluminous exclusive-breastfed-baby poops, they never again escaped the confines of her diaper and/or cover.

When this boy was an infant himself and I used disposable diapers, blowouts were a common occurrence. I became adept at removing the stains from his tiny clothes with laundry stain sticks my mother gave me to try (if only I knew, back then, how effective the sun is for removing poop stains!). I’m not sure if it’s the extremely trim fit of a disposable on the bum or the inability of the materials within to deal with the large amounts of liquid poop, but blowouts happened quite often when I used disposable diapers, and stopped when I made the switch.

I’m so glad blowouts are a thing of the past!


About Monica: Monica has been writing professionally since 2000 and has two published books — Teach Your Baby to Sign and Baby Talk. Her writing appears in a number of websites. The mother of four children, Monica is a cloth diaper and natural parenting enthusiast. She also sews custom fleece soakers at Mama Bird.

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  1. qsefthuko on September 30th, 2011 11:57 am

    Yup I was given a package of disposables. The same happened except I was at the store. It’s a lot harder to clean up at the store than at home. And of course I didn’t have a wet bag with me.I tried one more time. It happened again. That was it cloth only for me.

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