What Is Your Excuse?

Posted 12-7-2012 at 11:56 AM by HollyRay

Can I just say that I really am beginning to disdain weight loss advertising?

Today, when my youngest child hit 9 months, I hit pre-her weight. I still have some weight I want to loose, like the other 10 lbs left over from my first child, but that is neither here nor there. While feeling fairly content about reaching my goal a picture popped up onto my newsfeed, it was from an acquaintance that is a Beach Body Coach. It showed a mom of 3 young children, her youngest 8 months, and then her in her very toned very fit body. My first thought was “Go you mama” but then I read the caption “What’s Your Excuse?” and a fury began.

After pointing out that this mom was a symbol of what a person “could” do, and how we can all be proud of her, and feel empowered, I made it clear that the statement “What’s Your Excuse?” left a sour taste in my mouth. After all I am 9 month postpartum and I JUST hit my prebaby weight, my stomach is still a testament to the 3 children I have carried. Beyond that the push for postpartum weight loss can be an unhealthy one, and we are seeing more and more postpartum weight related illnesses like buliemia and anorexia. Instead of using the add to be a beacon of hope and determination the add was being used as a method of shame, bringing down moms who haven’t done enough to be that size. I recieved a response “You will get there Holly, just don’t give up!”

Say pardon?

Did you not READ what I just wrote?

I know I will get to where I need to be, but as a woman who has seen friends struggle with PPD, and postpartum weight related illness, as well as a woman who dealt with anorexia in my teens I feel it’s my duty to say “Whoa, that’s not right.” I’m sure there will be those who think I’m too sensitive or that it’s just an advertisment so it’s not a big deal, but it kind of is a big deal. Why? Because it is a reflection of our society, by agreeing with these types of advertisements we only bring each other down.

The same goes for just about anything else in life, some moms cook every meal from scratch then look to the moms grabbing hamburger helper and say “I do it, what is her excuse?” Those who stay home look to the working moms and say “I do it, what’s her excuse.” I know a few working moms who say the same for the stay home parents. When  we make statements like this it’s like we are saying “I’m in this place in my life, your life must be JUST like mine and I don’t understand why you haven’t come as far as I have.”

We say that we know that everyone is different, we tell our children to embrace everyone for their differences, then when we are faced with the reality that everyone is in fact different the first place we go is judgement. Yes it was just an advertisement, sure weight loss is a booming industry, yes we should work on being healthy and I would love our society to not have the weight problems it does, but you don’t fix one problem while creating another.

How do you feel about this type of advertising?


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