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Posted 08-25-2011 at 04:22 PM by Britt Schwartz

I heard a great quote the other day that really put parenting in perspective for me and I thought I’d share. I was on a parenting site and a debate was beginning during a heated discussion as to whether or not Attachment Parenting was the best method to follow, in the middle of the heated exchanges a poster commented that her aunt used to tell her “You read the parenting books, your baby didn’t.”

That statement resonated with me. Ever since I gave birth to Payton in 2009, I’ve been struggling with not feeling adequate in my role as a Mom. I would stress over every choice that had to be made whether it was where she sleep to what she ate, whether or not she needed the medication or how much juice was too much. I tried to research every detail of parenting and found myself overwhelmed when 100% of the time, I found conflicting opinions!

I’m slowly learning that I need to do what feels right to me and Matt, not what fit into a parenting style. One parenting ideal is not going to fit every family or every child. I find myself relating more to attachment parenting theories and opinions but I’ve been working on letting go of the title and the books and paying more attention to my heart and my girls.

I’ve found myself more relaxed during the day and wonderfully enough, Payton has been more relaxed, too! She doesn’t know if I make a mistake and let her have one (or two) too many cups of juice in a day, she doesn’t care if I don’t put her down for her nap at the same exact time everyday, all Payton knows is that Mommy loves her.

I’m getting better at trusting myself and my instincts an accepting that I may make “mistakes” but changes are, Payton & Sawyer won’t notice because as the saying goes, “You read the parenting books, your baby didn’t”.


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