When mom is sick – Part 1

Posted 03-6-2013 at 11:37 AM by whitneywalters

I have been dealing with some stomach pain for quite a while. It actually first started back in 2009 when I was pregnant with my third child. I went into the ER several times and they kept saying it was different things. They never did figure out what was wrong. Fast forward two years without any pain and then, Bam! more attacks while pregnant with my youngest. This time I just dealt with the pain since they never figured it out before. After her birth I seemed to be okay again. I chalked it up to one of those pregnancy things. Then one night about eight months ago it started again, so I started doing my own research.

I had cholestatis when pregnant with Amelia. I found out it is very common for your gallbladder to go bad when pregnant and cholestatis ups those chances even more. All the symptoms fit. At that time I did not have insurance so I was doing my best to deal with it for a couple more months by changing my diet. It seemed to be working and then one day I had a really bad attack. I was doubled over in pain, crying and nothing was helping. After dealing with the pain for over twelve hours I caved and headed to the ER. I told them my concerns but they did not believe that was the cause. Instead they said it was GERD, sent me home with meds and that was that.

Over the next few months I tried using the medicine and avoiding certain food that would make GERD worse. I thought it was working but then the pain started again. Even when avoiding all the food they told me to and taking the medicine. So I went back to researching and trying to avoid certain foods. My gut was still telling me that it was my gall bladder.

I finally have insurance so I am going to be seen by a regular doctor so we can see if we can get to the bottom of whatever is going on. I am hoping whatever the cause is they can get to the bottom of it and get it fixed. Being in pain so often makes it very hard to care for my family.

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