When She Will Not Talk

Posted 05-23-2012 at 09:00 AM by Krista

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that both my daughters have been slow to talk. My oldest, Alison, was ten months old before she ever said a single word other than “uh-oh” (which I am told is a popular choice for a first word). I will never forget, my mom came over and tried to grab her, and she ran for me, crying “Mama, Mama, Mama!” Up until that point I didn’t realize she knew what my name was.

It has been an uphill battle with her, and I’ve agonized over her not speaking for so long that when she did finally begin to get better I was relieved. She has been speaking much more, and learning at least one new word a day. She is very curious and wants to know the name of things. When she does learn, she wants to show them to me so that I can be proud of her for knowing the names.

Like I said, she had gotten better so I took it for granted that she was now fine. My younger daughter, Khalen, is twenty months and has stopped even saying Mama. She never had a large vocabulary to begin with, but at least I used to hear “Mama” once in awhile. Now nothing but “uh-oh” (of course!) and “no”. She seems to understand everything we say, and follows commands, so initially my husband was reluctant to get her tested. I went ahead with it though, and while we’re still in the midst of it the therapist said that neither of my daughters are where they should be vocally.

I was crushed. Some insane part of me thought she would tell me I was overreacting, so to hear that not one but both of them need help…I was shocked. I feel like I should have been doing more for them, as their mother, especially a stay at home mom. I know these feelings are irrational, but I feel them all the same.

A friend of mine told me that we expect more out of kids these days than we used to and we do things like speech development to bring them up to where we think they should be. Maybe two year olds have a hard life after all!

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  1. gingerpeachee on May 25th, 2012 10:08 pm

    I had my son evaluated after the nursery school teacher eluded that she thought he was autistic. His doctor thought I was crazy when I asked for a referral. He had like 5 evaluations done by a team of professionals, all of them found him to be below an acceptable level. So I got him signed up for every service under the sun. Two weeks into therapy my son’s support team was like “…..there is nothing wrong with this kid….. why are we here….” Don’t write off what your guts are telling you. You know your kids.

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